Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin is in admiration of Nikki Tamboli’s never back down attitude

The house of Bigg Boss always showcases some of the most unexpected twists and turns every season. We often see how daily incidents affect the nature of the housemates turning enemies into couples and foes turn into friends. In the latest clip of Bigg Boss Extra Masala on Voot, Jasmin Bhasin can be seen praising Nikki Tamboli for her brave personality mentioning that she appreciates how Nikki does not take any nonsense from the other housemates.

In a candid discussion with Nikki Tamboli, Jasmin mentions to her, “Tere andhar ek capacity hai to fight. Mera toh bp low ho jaata hain. Bhukar mien bhi tu ne kal jis intensity se jawab diya!”. Nikki then replied to her “Arey chaar chaar logh! Aur koi samajh nahi raha mera intention. Mien unko samjha ke bethu kya ki mera kya intention tha?”. Jasmin then replied “In sabke saath mere discussion hue hain ki wohh attention seek karne ke liye cheeze karti hain, aap reaction mat doh, khatam ho jayegi baat. Kal sab ne gaaje baaze se reaction diya. Koi dudh ka dhula nahi hain.”

Jasmin then went on to say “Aise logo ne aise reaction diya jinse mien kabhi umeed nahi kar sakti thi.” Nikki replied saying “Kyu du mien ab logoh ko explanation ki mien kya kar rahi hu, kyu kar rahi hu?”

Nikki’s feisty attitude has surely lit up the current season of Bigg Boss bringing out the most entertaining moments. We hope she continues to stay at the house as her personality is winning hearts all across the nation. To witness the clip of Jasmin and Nikki’s entire conversation, tune into Bigg Boss Extra Masala only on Voot.

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