Bigg Boss 11 unseen update: Arshi’s urge to smoke, Priyank is fake say inmates

Let give you the unseen tidbits of the murky happenings inside the Bigg Boss mansion. As we all know there are a lot of things happening in the Colors flagship show. The glass walled house has seen its worst contestants with this season.
Right from day one things have been really bad with tantrums flying left right and centre. Not to forget the sandals, chappals and the saliva. Everyone is at loggerheads with each other and no one is thinking twice before getting personal on the show. The BB inmates have picked on sexual orientation, casting couch practices; prostitution rackets so on and so forth.
In an unseen episode of the Endemolshine produced reality series, Arshi was seen having an intense urge to smoke while she was strolling casually on the lawn area of the house. Dhinchak Pooja immediately was on her guard. She retreated and said she would not be smoking. She further informed her that there are cameras in the smoking room and everything can be seen.
The ignorant Arshi was seen telling her the footages of the camera in the smoking room are not shown to the public. However, just because Dhinchak Pooja came inside the Bigg Boss house recently knew more than her. She informed her about the earlier episode of Jyoti Kumari, Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan inside the smoking room and that nothing is hidden inside the big Boss house. Arshi was visibly shaken by the revelation and went on to ask her what else is shown about the house.
On the other hand…
Bandgi, Arshi, Mehjabi and Puneesh were huddled on the sofa and they were talking about Priyank and how they could sideline him in the show.
Bandgi is seen telling the gang that he is a fake person and nothing about him is real and is not what he portrays to be. Puneesh added, “what Salman Khan told him was right, his neatly combed hair, his dressing sense and his face don’t do much to hide his real self which is viscious and dirty. Arshi Khan added fuel to the fire stating, last night Priyank got close to her so much so that she felt he might kiss her. Everyone gathered started laughing about Priyank kissing a girl. When Arshi told them, she doesn’t like Priyank and that he is fake. She further said that Hiten is much better. Bandgi was later seen telling Arshi, that faking comes naturally to him because he was already a part of two shows earlier and now all of them have to sideline him in the house.
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