Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh PEES in his pants; Guess who is the new captain?

Bigg Boss has a past with contestants peeing during the tasks over the years. In previous editions as well, the viewers have seen some housemates piddling in the glass walled house.
From Ali Quli Mirza urinating in the garden area in season 8 to Priya Malik and Kishwer Merchantt peeing in the open in season 9 to Swami Om’s widdle splashing on Bani J and getting kicked out of season 10, the house has seen it all! And just like every season, this season has also come to a point where it can become a part of the wee-wee list.
We have already reported that Benafsha was one of the contenders for captaincy. The other inmates who were up for captaincy were Hiten Tejwani and Puneesh Sharma. To prove their mettle at the task assigned to win the title, the trio were required to ride a cycle and drink water at regular intervals. The contestant who would avoid going to the washroom for the longest time would be declared the Captain of the house.
During the task, Benafsha and Hiten preferred to back out and Puneesh, who wanted the immunity badly, chose to pee in his pants.
So yes!
Puneesh has been chosen as the new captain of the house. Now the interesting part will be to see what happens under Sharma’s captaincy when he has been a notorious one under another member’s leadership.
This also means that the man is immune for yet another week…undoubtedly, a is also a great news for Bandgi!
How do you guys think Puneesh’s captaincy would be like?

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