#BB10: Looks like everyone but OM SWAMI has to face Priyanka Jagga's WRATH!

Just because she is nominated, Priyanka vents out her frustration in the Luxury Budget task!

Priyanka Jagga entered the Bigg Boss house as a promising contestant. But, to everyone’s surprise, she was out of the house in the first week itself! A lot of us wanted to see a lot more coming from her and we were disappointed! She was an entertainer and we were hoping to see her come back.

And then, our prayers were answered by Bigg Boss as Priyanka Jagga re-entered the house as a wild card! We were extremely excited to see her back in the house! The house seemed more lively after she entered and she did create a lot of drama as soon as she got the chance.

Although the contestants seemed excited to have her back, most of them nominated her for eviction. Priyanka was shocked to hear about their opinions and took things personally.

Yesterday, Bigg Boss announced his Luxury Budget task and mad Priyanka turned out to be a cruel traffic cop. What happens now is that Priyanka decides to misuse her privileges and extort the contestants. She finds random, biased, and illogical reasons to fine the contestants!

At first, she tries to get money from Lopa but they end up getting physical and quarreled. Later, she decided to pick on Rohan and got physical with him too! Things went wrong when Rohan flicked his shoulder and Priyanka tripped and fell. Om Swami stepped in here and started shouting and took Priyanka’s side. However, he did that unnecessarily and got into the fight, making big issues out of petty ones! Also, it is clearly seen that Priyanka doesn’t fine Babaji at all even though he breaks tons of rules and she just lets him go every time!

What’s funny here is that Jaisi Beti, Vaisa Baap! After Priyanka peed during a task, Om Swami peed in a jar last Night! This season gets interesting day by day!!

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