Actors can be friends if they get rid of their insecurities: Aishwarya Sakhuja

Immaculate, striking, and blessed with a model-toned body, Aishwarya Sakhuja is an absolute charmer.
There is no doubt that she is ferociously talented. Example? She rocked it as Toasty in Saas Bina Sasural.
Currently, Aishwarya is going all dishoom dishoom on SAB TV’s newly launched comedy thriller Trideviyaan. In a chat with, Aishwarya spoke about Trideviyaan, action scenes, marriage, reality shows, family planning and more. Excerpts:
What keeps you away from controversies?
Let me keep this straight..I am a very boring kind of a person. You won’t get any masala or spicy gossip from me. Once I am done with my job, I enjoy my personal space. I hardly attend parties unless the person is a good friend. In fact, I have very limited set of friends in the industry so this way I stay miles away from controversies.

What made you take up Trideviyaan?
One thing that I decided was I didn’t want to do saas bahu drama. After being a part of daily soaps and reality shows, Trideviyaan will change the pace for me. I know the show will not do wonders comparing to other daily soaps, but at the end, I will feel content. Making people laugh is a huge challenge. Also, the foremost reason to pick up this show was producer Sonali Jaffer. My first show Saas Bina Sasural’s few portions were written by her m. And I know how good she is at her work. Special mentions to SAB TV that always manages to bring clean comedy to viewers. They cater to all generations with their programs.
How satisfied are you as an actor?
I think I still don’t know how to act. I am never satisfied with my work. The day I become content, I will shift to the Himalayas.
Have you ever gone to production house to seek work?
Thankfully, I never have. I believe in hard work and destiny. Whatever is meant for me will eventually come to me. If not then it was not written in my destiny.
One show which is close to your heart?
It has to be my first show Saas Bina Sasural and Nach Baliye. Nach Baliye because Rohit and I are not social people and the show showcased our journey and way of living to our fans.

Your experience on doing action sequence?
I am doing these kinds of action scenes for the first time and I have found respect for action heroes. How do they manage to perform such deadly stunts? Unlike other scenes, action scenes require a lot of homework. If you are not prepared, it may lead to some mishap. After signing this show, I took two months of martial arts training. I learnt to ride a bike as well since most of the scenes are on two wheelers.
Any thoughs on family planning?
Motherhood comes with a responsibility. Your love should be selfless. Rohit and I have not discussed about it. But it will surely take some time.

You are more successful than your husband, has this ever caused any issues between you both? Never. Rohit is also part of this industry. In fact, people enjoy his company more than mine. Everyone loves his sense of humour. We are not insecure and are a chilled out couple.
You have many friends in the industry; you think actors can really be friends?
As I said, I have very limited set of friends in the industry. Actors can be good friends if they get rid of their insecurities.
Usually, models move towards Bollywood, do you regret stepping into TV?
Not at all. I have no regrets in life. Whatever I am and whatever I have learnt is all because of TV. I see a long future here.
Any other reality shows you wish to be part of?
I would love to be a part of Jhalak.

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