Anmol kidnaps Ranvi and admits his desire to win Junoon 2014 trophy in Veera

Baldev rushes Veera to hospital and informs family. Veera asks them not to tell Ranvi, promise me, his performance should not be affected. Veera is taken in operation theatre. Rishabh behaves badly with Ranvi and Anmol takes the advantage of their fight. Ranvi gets Rishabh’s message calling him on terrace. Vishnu says maybe he wants to apologize, go. Ranvi comes on the terrace and calls out Rishabh. Gunjan comes in the party dressed in beautiful black gown and looking gorgeous. Vishnu compliments her. She asks about Ranvi. Vishnu says Rishabh called Ranvi on terrace. She worries. Ranvi stands near the end and Anmol pushes him.

He says he has kicked Ranvi from 10th floor, only Anmol will be number one. He says Rishabh did much crime and have to leave a proof against him. He leaves Rishabh’s watch there. Gunjan comes to Ranvi’s rescue and saves him. Ranvi says Rishabh has pushes him. Dev is shocked and can’t believe it. Dev asks Rishabh why did he do this. Rishabh says you too, you think I did this cheap thing. Gunjan shows the message and his watch. Anmol gets the proof against Rishabh from his room. Everyone is shocked. Gunjan asks Dev to call police, as she will not leave Rishabh this time. Anmol says yes Sir, call the police, he tried to kill my friend.

Dev says sorry Rishabh, you are eliminated from this competition, all proof is against you, we have to call police. Rishabh says this is totally unfair, how can you do this to me. Ranvi says his dream is gone, what else is remaining now, its his biggest insult, don’t call police now. Gunjan comes to know about Veera’s accident and hides it from Ranvi. He says he is feeling tensed, please make me talk to Veera. Gunjan talks about Veera’s accident which she has hidden from Ranvi. Anmol hears her and thinks to tell Ranvi and send him off. Anmol tells Ranvi about Veera’s big accident. Ranvi is shaken and goes to sing. He looks at Gunjan and shouts Veera. Ratan asks Veera to hear Ranvi.

Veera gets conscious hearing Ranvi’s voice and talks to him on video chat. She asks him to sing for her sake as it is her dream too. Veera sees him on tv and smiles. He sings Laaut Aa. Everyone clap for him. Anmol is shocked as Ranvi sang superbly. Vishnu tells Anmol that I told you Ranvi will sing. Ranvi cries and makes the vote appeal to audience. He says this song was for Veera, I don’t want votes, I got my sister back, thanks you all. Dev says the votes will be shown of these three, which will decide who will go in final round. Ranvi sees his votes. They show the votes. Veera and everyone see the results too. Vishnu gets 70 lakh votes.

Anmol gets 79 lakh votes and now its time for Ranvi’s result. Ranvi and everyone get tensed. Ranvi gets 78 lakh votes. Everyone smile as he has come in the finals now. Anmol hugs Ranvi and is jealous of him. Gunjan hugs Megha. Dev says see you all in finals. Anmol thinks Ranvi was lucky to come till here. ev does the briefing and talks to Anmol and Ranvi. Ranvi says he wants to tell something, he needs one day break. He says he wants to see Veera, else he can’t sing. Anmol smiles. Dev says fine, our show format is the contestants will be taken to their city. Ranvi smiles.

Ranvi calls Veera and says he is coming to meet her. Veera tells the good news to everyone and they get happy. Ratan says I will go home and prepare. Baldev does all the arrangements at Ratan’s home. Ranvi and Gunjan come with the tv group. Ranvi hugs Veera. Anmol meets his dad and expects him to be happy as he has come in finals. His dad discourages him and says he always won, so he does not understand failure. Anmol says I don’t lose, but come second. His dad says I always come first, I will be happy if you come first, all the best for finale.Veera talks to Ranvi and asks who told you about my accident.

Gunjan says yes, who told. Ranvi says Anmol told me. Gunjan is shocked. Ranvi praises Anmol. Gunjan thinks how did he know and why did he tell him before his performance. Ranvi and Gunjan bring Ratan, Baldev and Veera to Mumbai as they want to see him perform live. Ranvi gets a message form unknown number to come for press conference. He says I have to go as its press conference. Ranvi is taken somewhere and asks the driver why did he stop her. The man says I was asked to bring you here. Ranvi thanks him and goes inside.

Anmol comes to him. Anmol says you are very innocent, you got message from unknown number and you came here. Anmol says its not going to be press conference, as I called you, I don’t want you to go in finale. As I want the trophy of Junoon 2014.Anmol admits all his crimes which shocks Ranvi. How will Ranvi reach in finals now? Keep reading.

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