ZINDAGI KI MEHEK: OHHH NO! Shaurya and Mehek to get DIVORCED

New Delhi: Zee TV indicate ‘Zindagi Ki Mehek’ has well known in less time and crowd cherishes the Samiksha Jaiswal otherwise known as Mehek and Karan Vohra otherwise known as Shaurya ahead of the pack parts. However, producers got the huge curve in the show when Mehek comes to realize that Shaurya killed her folks.

This turn will break Mehek and Shaurya’s hitched life. However them two will imagine before everybody that they are glad together. Be that as it may, soon somebody will know Shaurya’s truth.

In the coming scenes, for ‘pag-fera rasam’, Mehek and Shaurya will go to Mehek’s home and there Kanta will detect that something isn’t right between the couple.

As indicated by news in India Forums, “Mehek’s family will welcome the two where Kanta will detect ill will between the two and will choose to uncover their issue.Kanta will make sense of about Shaurya being the explanation behind Mehek’s wretchedness and misfortune. Pointing the finger at herself for getting Mehek hitched to her folks’ killer, Kanta will revile herself and will go up against Mehek.Not just that, Kanta will choose to get Mehek and Shaurya separated.”

All things considered, this is deplorable news for “Mehrya” (Mehek+Shaurya) fans. Will Mehek pardon Shaurya for her parent’s murder?

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