Y Films is back with another web series!

And this time they are going to take you to a place where men don’t go!

After successful web series like Man’s World and Bang Baaja Baaraat, Y films is back with another one of a kind web series and this series takes the audience to a place which most men don’t go to. The Ladies Room!

Ladies room takes you through the lives of two girls named Dingo and Khanna. But the key element of their show is that major conversations happen only in the washroom! The series takes place in 6 different loos. So far, the girls have been seen in two such loos, one of an intercity train and the other one of a typical city bachelorette pad.
Just with two episodes, the series has managed to fetch a large number of views! After all, men are inquisitive about what happens in a ladies room! Since both the episodes are shot in cramped up spaces it must have been really difficult to shoot a variety of shots. The dialogues are written in a way to attract youngsters. The use of slangs is abundant and marijuana seems to play an important role in the series! One thing that ticks us is that the music theme of the show reminds us of Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk!
In our country, women smoking and talking about topics like menstruation is a Taboo! And here we have a series in which two girls are smoking up, talking about Menstruation, Sex and a lot of topics that are sure to piss a lot of people off!
If you are looking for content that is one of a kind and offbeat, Ladies Room is a series is for you. It is a series that all men will enjoy and all women will relate to. The series will leave you wanting for more and we are waiting to see what new twists the third episode brings!

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