Wow! Shivaji Satam aka ACP Pradyuman gives a hint that CID might come back on- air soon

MUMBAI: Veteran actor Shivaji Satam who made the character ACP Pradyuman immortal, has been sitting at home ideal for quite some time now. “I won’t say that I am getting many offers. Nahi hai toh nahi hai. There are one or two offers that are not interesting as well. I am from Marathi theatre, I have always done projects that I liked,” admits Satam.

He was last seen in a small role in Haseen Dillruba (2021). Satam feels that there are no meaty roles for actors of his age. “But we can’t do anything,” he sighs and adds, “It’s my bad luck that no powerful characters are being written. It’s a loss on both sides. As an actor, I miss out on good work and the audience misses out on good actors.”

Satam says he is pretty much-getting offers for “cop roles”, something he has done over two decades. “Main kyun karu? I cannot do the same role again and again,” he says. When asked if he is ready to play ACP Pradyuman, a character from the cult series C.I.D. (1998-2018), he reverts, “Tomorrow (if) C.I.D. starts again, I’ll be right in the front to do the project. I’m not tired of playing the character, but tired of being home.”

There have been several rumours that the cop drama may be revived with the same cast. Giving clarity on the same, Satam adds, “Producers are talking to revive C.I.D. in a different kind of format. Yes, talks are on, but there is nothing concrete. It’s still in the air.”

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