Why Salman would prefer ‘Bigg Boss’ house stayed in Lonavala

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is all set to return as host of a new season of “Bigg Boss”. While he is kicked about hosting season 13 of the show, he is not too sure if he agrees with moving the Bigg Boss house from its usual location in Lonavala to Mumbai’s Goregaon Film City.

Talking to IANS on the sidelines of a promotional event of “Bigg Boss 13” on Monday, Salman explained why Film City is not a great choice as venue of the reality show.

“Less of travel (will be required), yes, in kilometres, but during the wrong traffic hour, so it means more of travel. From here to Lonavala it takes anything between one hour fifteen minutes and two hours. From (Salman’s residence) Galaxy to Film City, during bad traffic, it takes a good two-and-a-half to three hours, sometimes even more,” he pointed out.

If Salman Khan also seems bugged by Mumbai’s heavy traffic, it remains to be seen whether he prefers taking the Metro like another Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar.

Talking about the format of the show for season 13, the superstar said there would be no common people in the house this time.

“This whole thing of commoner and celebrity — I don’t think there is much of a difference between them. Commoner and celebrity are just terms. Everybody is a commoner, everybody is a celebrity. Once they enter the house and you watch them on TV, they become a celebrity,” he said.

Elaborating more on this year’s contestants, the “Bigg Boss” host said: “This time I think they have gone for all celebrities, who are very big on television, across various industries. So, it is a nice blend of a lot of different (people).”

What new does “Bigg Boss 13” offer for its viewers? Salman revealed: “In a month’s time, they (the contestants) have a finale. So, you are competing for the finale right within four weeks, and then two weeks after that there are twists and turns, and then it is time for the main finale.”

He said the concept of punishments and jail has been retained.

The superstar has been hosting the reality show for years now. How would it feel to be on the other side? What if he were a contestant on the show? Salman smiled and replied: “I will survive. For me, it would be a cakewalk inside the house.”

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