When Vivek made Divyanka Proud!

Divyanka Tripathi is all praises for her beau Vivek Dahiya.

Actor Vivek Dahiya, who rose to fame for portraying A.C.P Abhishek in Ekta Kapoor’s family saga Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, impressed one and all with his quintessential good looks, charm, and acting skills so much so that the TV czarina cast him in the lead role for her next supernatural thriller Kavach… Kaali Shaktiyon Se.

And no prizes for guessing, Vivek has been getting a great feedback from the industry. But there’s one person, whose feedback matters to him the most. And that is of his fiance Divyanka Tripathi. Both the actors are engaged to be married soon.

Divyanka went all ga-ga over Vivek’s performance in the show and took to social media to praise her would be hubby.

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