Veera gets suspicious about Rajveer and bears Baldev’s anger in Veera

Ranvi refuses to the offer given by the manager, and asks Gunjan to think about having a child. Baldev and Veera try finding the clues which can prove him innocent. Baldev’s friend help them in doing this. She meets Rajveer and tries to ask him about the case. She says did he not get any proof of someone else there. He says no, we got all proof against Baldev. He says proof does not lie, She thinks if she shows the button to him, he can tell me about it. A man comes and tells about Rajveer’s coat button missing. She suspects him and leaves.

Baldev goes to a hotel and drinks a lot. Veera comes there to take him home. He insults her a lot infront of all the men. He asks Veera to dance for him and everyone, to show she loves him, as they have to sure he is saying right. Veera cries being shocked. Baldev says now my wife will dance for all of us. Veera scolds Baldev and she should be habitual to this insult now, fine, i don’t have any respect as my husband wants me to dance between men. She leaves from the place and cries at home. Baldev does not realize his mistake, and starts recalling the jail torture e faced. Gunjan again argues with Ranvi about the acting offer.

Veera meets Ratan and asks for forgiveness, but Ratan refuses to accept her apology. A dejected Veera mulls over her broken relationships and starts losing hope. Ratan tells Ranvi that Veera met her in temple. He hugs her and asks was she fine and looking happy. She says I don’t know, I did not see her well, I was just being angry. Ratan asks him to go ahead and accept the offer for Gunjan’s happiness. Veera comes to the tailor and says she wants him to make a suit. He says fine. She shows him the button and asks can she get such button. He says he wants such button for someone’s coat and names inspector Rajveer. She gets shocked and keeps it. Ranvi tells Gunjan that he is ready for the offer and hugs her.

Gunjan gets glad and breaks the news to her parents. Bansuri taunts her for supporting Veera. Baldev tells his friends that his life is ruined after marriage. Billa says we will find who trapped you. Baldev puts acid on the plants to hurt Veera. Jaggi sees this and stops him. Baldev says don’t stop me. Veera comes there and is shocked seeing Baldev’s anger. He ruins the polyhouse in anger. He laughs and says I don’t remember anything, maybe I have killed Nihaal, go to Ranvi and ask him. Gunjan calls the manager and says Ranvi has agreed. He says its great news, I will inform the producer. He says we can make many shows if people like it, Ranvi has to sing and you need to dance.

Bansuri taunts Veera and blames her for Baldev’s state. Balwant and Veera give Lohri wishes. He says its longest night of the year, it shows the problems will end. Ranvi, Gunjan and family does the Lohri puja. They recall Veera and smile. Gunjan talks about her rehearsals and talks about Veera. She asks Ratan will she never forgive Veera. She says even I believe Baldev is innocent, there might have something happened before Ranvi reached there and he is mistaken to believe Baldev is culprit.

Ratan says maybe he is innocent, but is this fine to ignore family, Nihaal loved her as daughter and she did not regret for his death. Veera comes to meet Rajveer, and he is not at home. She goes inside a room and is shocked seeing her pics. She thinks of Baldev’s words that Rajveer is mad about her. She rushes out and bumps into Rajveer. He thinks Veera went without saying for what she came, she has something in her mind, she was lying and was tensed. She thinks what is Rajveer doing, why did he keep my pics. He thinks about Baldev’s words.

Veera thinks why is he keeping my pics knowing I love Baldev and married him, I can’t talk to Ranvi, and Rajveer might be alert now, its just Baldev who always told me that Rajveer is not a good guy, I should talk to him, maybe its some connection with Nihaal’s murder. Baldev takes Veera to market and insults her. Ranvi and Ratan are also there and witness this. They are shocked. Ranvi raises his hand on Baldev and Veera comes in between. Ranvi leaves in anger. Baldev scolds Veera and even Bansuri troubles her. What will Veera do now? Keep reading.