Varun Badola miffed with 'Film Critics'!

“Making a mockery out of somebody’s efforts is totally unfair,” claims Varun.

When you work ‘above the line’ on a movie, (writer, director, actor, producer, etc.) watching it fail at the box office, is devastating.

Released on June 24, Saurabh Varma’s thriller, ‘7 Hours To Go’ starring Shiv Pandit, Sandeepa Dhar, Varun Badola and Natasa Stankovic in the lead roles has received a poor response at the box office.

Right after its release, esteemed publications released reports, criticising the film as a ‘horrible Hollywood hangover’, ‘city of cliches’ and many detrimental remarks. Going by the evaluations, actor Varun Badola is miffed by the way his film has been reviewed by the media.

In an exclusive conversation with, Varun stated, “I am not angry, but if the reviewers do not like a film, there are better ways to criticise it. It looks like they are removing a personal vendetta against the film. Filmmakers put in a lot of effort into making a film, and just because the thought with which he made the film did not match up to the interest of the reviewers, does not mean they bash it in such a way. There are a lot of films that don’t score well but the least I expect is a dignified way of criticising the film. The audience always has a choice of whether to watch the film or skip it, but making a mockery out of somebody’s efforts is totally unfair.”

When asked about his contentment with the role he played, Varun averred, “I am happy with my character in the film. The role was just what was narrated to me.”

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