Vahbiz back from a refreshing trip to Lonavala

MUMBAI: Actor Vahbiz Dorabjee makes sure to take a break from work regularly to refresh herself. Her recent trip to Lonavala was nothing but rejuvenating. “We just went for one day trip to Lonavala. It was my friend Poonam Preet’s birthday. I went with Sanjay, Poonam, Rafi Malik Izan, Nupur Sanon, Malhar and Priya. We had a great time. We just went for one day,” she says.

The actor says that the trip was well-needed and was amazing. “Who doesn’t love short breaks even if you go for one day, you feel so refreshed. You have a change of surroundings and you just enjoy yourself so much. You just feel high on happiness. It was super fun and the weather was so gorgeous. For actors, it’s definitely important to take a break especially when you are doing a daily soap program because we cannot afford to take many holidays as we are working round the clock. Even one day helps energise you,” she says.

Talking about the trip, she adds, “Lonavala was so beautiful, foggy and green in the rainy season. We had a great time. We went to this place called Lions Spot and ate at Lions Dhaba. The place was gorgeous as it was at the lakeside. Many people thought I had clicked the picture in Kashmir when they saw my picture from there. It was so beautiful! We dipped our legs into the water and just relaxed. Then we went towards the lake.”

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