Those five days were hell for me and our families: Divyanka Tripathi

MUMBAI: Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya are one of the most popular couples in telly town. Their chemistry is loved by their fans. And the way, they always stand up for each other gives their fans major relationship goals. The couple has been facing a hard time as Vivek had been recuperating in the hospital since last week and Divyanka has stood by him like a rock.

Vivek was getting treated for an acute intestinal infection. Though a lot of media reports suggested that he was admitted because of substance abuse, Vivek later squashed all false reports too. Now, during a recent interview, Divyanka opened up about how they dealt with the difficult time.

Divyanka said to HT, “Vivek has been discharged but he is still recovering at home. The doctors have asked him to take it easy for three to four weeks. He must have had contaminated food that led to the infection. After we returned from Macau, China, at the end of last month, he got a fever but the antibiotics didn’t help. We had no idea that it was so serious.”

She further added, “Those five days were hell for me and our families. I burst out crying as it was devastating to see him so unwell. We take decisions mutually, and here, I had to decide everything — from the hospital to the doctor to the care given to him. I wanted to ask him for his opinion but I had to take the tough decisions. I got really scared for him. He is so positive and made us smile after he felt better. We take our health for granted… At times like these, we realise that money and fame don’t matter. Love and people around you do. Moreover, we also realised who really cares about us. Many people we thought were our friends didn’t even reach out to us. We got a reality check.”

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