Thapki Pyar Ki April 6, 2017 written update: Bihaan gets shot

Shraddha in camouflage of Thapki discloses to Bani that she despises her and needs to dispose of her. Bani is stunned. Shraddha makes Bani take a seat and let the wedding ceremonies start.

Shraddha sees Bihaan coming and stows away. Thapki embraces Bani and cries. Bani is stunned and mistaken for Thapki’s conduct.

Amma maayi slaps Bani and makes her sit in the jeep. Bihaan tails them. Bani yells for offer assistance. Goons battle Bihaan while Amma maayi and Monty bring Bani with them. Bihaan keeps running towards Bani however Monty undermines to murder him.

Bihaan is going to execute Monty and picks a stone. Amma maayi gets stunned and focuses the weapon towards him. She then shoots him at his trunk. Everybody gets stunned. Amma maayi then shoots him thrice.

Bihaan is going to tumble down the bluff when Thapki requests that he hold her hand.

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