Astha to bring Shlok out of his past in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

This week started with Shlok and Astha arguing on the share of the room. Niranjan pops in and tells them that it is more right of a wife as she is the one who takes care of the house. He favors Astha and ends their argument. Astha is happy with Niranjan’s words and teases Shlok that she is the ruler of the house. Sojal is annoyed seeing the way Astha is making the house dance on her fingers. Astha is keen to find out the relation of Shlok with Swati. She reads his diary but does not get the answers to her questions. She asks Anjali about it but Anjali says she does not know anything about Swati.

Anjali informs Niranjan about Astha being curious to know about Swati. Niranjan is shocked and asks Anjali not to give any details to Astha. Astha asks Varad about Swati. Sojal hears them talking. Even Varad does not answer her and asks her not to think about the past and move on ahead in her life with Shlok. He asks her to bring out Shlok from his past and make a happy married life. Varad blesses Astha and leaves. Astha thinks of finding the answers herself and goes to check about Swati in Shlok’s study room. Anjali sees Astha in the study looking out for her answers. Anjali scolds Astha and asks her to mind her own business and not come in the study again. Anjali sends Astha and thinks to do something.

She takes Swati’s love letters and greeting cards and burns them outside the house. Astha is shocked seeing Anjali’s move. Astha tries to blow off the fire and gets some pieces from the ashes. Shlok sees his study open in the morning and is shocked to see it clean and all his things missing. He shouts on everyone and asks who did this. Astha in order to save Anjali takes the blame on herself and says she has burnt everything. She says it was all junk so I have cleaned the study. Shlok is furious on her and fumes. He thinks of teaching Astha a lesson. He fools her saying he has burnt the sweater which Kalindi gave her. Astha starts crying.

Later on, she comes to know from him that he has not burned it and he returns the sweater to her. Astha feels how good Shlok is actually and he can never hurt anyone. She thinks of helping him and bring him out of his bitter past. Varad asks Shlok not to be much angry on Astha as she knows nothing about him and Swati. Shlok scolds Varad for fooling him and sending him on the Valentine’s day with Astha. He asks Varad not to try again to bring him closer to Astha. He says I hate love and I hate girls. Jyoti calls Anjali and asks her to call her home for few days but Anjali scolds her and asks her to be happy with Abhay.

Abhay sees jyoti with the phone and punishes her by locking her in the store room. Jyoti pleads Abhay to bring her out and she will do as he says. Abhay smiles and says you have to be here till I wish. She gets unwell and faints inside due to suffocation. Anjali tells Astha to keep a fast for Shlok’s well being. She says its important. Astha agrees but think for what she is keeping the fast. She thinks am I again falling in love with Shlok. She feels her feelings for Shlok is starting again. Astha keeps the fast. Anjali gets unwell while in the fast.

Astha tries to break her fast and make her eat something. But Anjali says even Niranjan is fasting and she can’t eat before Niranjan opens his fast. Anjali gets more serious. Astha does not know what to do. Astha tries hard to convince Anjali. Astha lies to Anjali that Niranjan called and he said he has broke his fast and now you can have food too. Anjali on hearing this breaks her fast before Niranjan. Niranjan comes home and is shocked seeing this. He asks Anjali what did she do. Anjali looks at Astha and scolds her for making her do such a big sin and lying to her. Niranjan gets angry on Anjali and hurts her. Anjali has to pay for Astha’s lie. Will Astha find out about Swati? Will Niranjan allow Astha to bring a change in his house? Keep reading.