Suhani trying to win Dadi’s heart, but Rags and Menka planning many games against her in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Suhani’s entry in the mud clothes shocks everyone in the reception party. The women make fun of Suhani and laugh on Dadi and Yuvraaj’s choice. Suhani and her family hear everything. Lata asks Pankaj to scold Suhani, for doing this and spoiling Birla’s name. Yuvraaj gets angry hearing the taunts. Rags and Menka come to Suhani. . Rags asks why did she go out, the family’s heart broke on the reception day. Suhani asks is Dadi angry. Menka says the sleeping volcano was awakened and it can burst anytime.

Lata apologizes to Pratima and DadiPankaj says Suhani, we have to get embarrassed because of you, everyone is annoyed and sad here, did we teach you this. Lata says Suhani, till you can’t make up to Dadi, we will not talk to you. Dadi says she does not choose Suhani as she did not see her face, she is Pratima and Yuvraaj’s choice so she became her bahu, but if she plays with her respect, she won’t bear it. Dadi says Suhani made everyone laugh on her today, the people who were afraid to talk to her, has laughed on her today. She says she is ending her relation with Suhani. Dadi asks Suhani not to come infront of her sight now.

Yuvraaj scolds Suhani and Dadi hears it. Suhani says I will apologize to Dadi. Krishna’s sister Rakhi is creating problems between Soumya and Krishna. Rags and Menka plan to make Suhani come infront of Dadi so that she gets scolded. Dadi punishes Suhani. Suhani accepts it and obeys Dadi, but Rags and Menka play many games with her. Suhani doubts them, and asks did they do all this. Rags and Menka lie to her and get angry. Suhani sees water fallen on the stairs and Dadi going towards it. Dadi falls and Suhani holds her saving her. Dadi is glad and forgives her. Suhani’s sister Bhavna is in problem, as her brother in law Rishi is eyeing her in bad way and wants to get close to her, as her husband Amit is far off on job to another city.

Bhavna gets Amit’s call and he says go our home, as everyone is missing your handmade food a lot, and it will take time for me to call you here. Lata says Rishi is like your friend, he thinks so much for you. Bhavna gets upset. Bhavna thinks about Lata’s words, that Rishi is like her brother and friend. Rishi calls Bhavna and says they all are missing her, when is she coming. Bhavna says I will stay here for few days. She says I will come in two three days.

Lata comes and asks whose call was it. Bhavna says Rishi’s call. Lata asks her to go. Bhavna says I don’t feel to leave you all, I will stay in two three days, then I will go. Suhani gets under the bed finding something. Yuvraaj comes in the room and closes the door. He changes clothes and removes his pant. Suhani is shocked and closes her eyes. Yuvraaj does some pushups in his short and is shocked seeing her. He asks what are you doing here. She says I don’t want to say anything, don’t shout. He says come out. He quickly wears the pant. She says sorry and leaves. He says stupid girl.

Dadi says you are our bahu, you are dark, but you stay here and this can’t happen, we don’t face each other, our worlds are different and we can’t be separated. She asks Rags and Menka to teach Suhani everything, and if she does not any mistake, Rags and Menka will be punished. Suhani tells Rags and Menka that she will not do any mistake now, and she will cook dinner to night. Everyone like the dinner and Dadi does not like the salad, and punishes Rags and Menka to stay without makeup today. Suhani asks Ramesh to bring Teej fast items. Ramesh says I did not see anyone celebrating fast in this house.

Yuvraaj’s laptop hangs. Suhani smiles and gives him her laptop. It has her and Soumya’s pic. Yuvraaj sees it and feels bad. Rishi comes to meet Bhavna and holds her hands while giving her a saree he bought for her. Bhavna gets irked and goes to her room. Krishna stops Soumya and says I need to talk to you. Krishna shows the bangles. Rakhi sees it and is jealous. Krishna makes Soumya wear it and also shows the anklet. Rakhi hides and sees them. Krishna says its imitation one and one day I will bring real jewels. She says you are my real jewel, I love you Krishna. She hugs him. Rakhi thinks to tell her mum about this. Dadi calls Suhani and asks her to have food. Suhani gets tensed.

Suhani wishes to get saved as she kept the fast for Yuvraaj. Rags and Menka doubts Suhani kept the fast and want to expose her to Dadi, as Dadi never allowed anyone to keep Teej fast at home. Pratima supports Suhani and makes her hide her fast from Dadi. Saxena makes a presentation and shows to family. Suhani dislikes it and gives her opinion. Dadi asks Suhani to make it and show. Rags and Menka spoil Suhani’s hardwork. What will Suhani do now to get a place in Dadi’s heart? Keep reading.