Sreesanth’s wife tweets about Dipika

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss is nearing its finale week, and the competition is becoming tough as the contestants are battling it out.

The ticket to finale task was between Sreesanth, Dipika, Surbhi, and Romil.

Meanwhile, Deepak and Dipika were firefighters who had to choose between Sreesanth and Karanvir and they came to the decision of saving Karanvir over Sreesanth.

Well, Sreesanth is upset with Dipika about this and fights with her. Later, the two sort out the things.

Fans were also disappointed with Dipika, especially Sreesanth’s fans.

Even Sreesanth’s wife was seen indirectly taunting Dipika for not supporting her husband. See Bhuvneshwari’s tweets below.

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