Soumya decides to end relation with Krishna in Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Soumya refuses to go with Krishna’s parents. Lalita tells Krishna that your dad begged to her and Soumya did not agree, Suhani explained Soumya a lot and Soumya did not change her decision. Yuvraaj says Soumya is like Bhavna for Suhani. Dadi says I don’t know anything, I don’t have objection with Soumya staying here, and anyone having objection with my decision can leave this house. She takes Soumya with her. Yuvraaj tries to know about Suhani doing the accident and thinks she may be hiding anything. He takes Sharad’s help and checks the car. Sharad says I don’t understand, all the matter is complicated, lets think from starting. Yuvraaj gets a doubt and follows Suhani.

He sees her folding hands and requesting. He says whom is she talking like this and why. Suhani leaves and Yuvraaj is shocked seeing Krishna. Sharad scolds the man and tells the sweet owner shop about faulty sweets. The guy says a man gave me sweets and said give this box to Yuvraaj. Sharad asks who was he, tell me his name and address. Sharad thinks its Krishna who has drugged the sweets. Yuvraaj asks Krishna to tell the truth, who did the accident, Krishna asks him to go and ask his wife. Krishna asks him to answer it. Krishna says you did it Yuvraaj, you did the accident. He says Suhani moved you from the seat and sat on your place.

Yuvraaj says you always give me reason to hate you, you added something on medicines and blackmailed my wife. Krishna says yes, I did this, I want my wife back, I want Soumya back. He leaves. Yuvraaj says it means I was misunderstanding Suhani, she was just saving me. Soumya scolds Suhani and pushes her. Yuvraaj holds Suhani and looks at Soumya angrily. Yuvraaj tells everyone how Suhani has saved him from going to jail. Soumya tells Dadi what if I love Yuvraaj, he cares for Suhani’s happiness. The police comes at Krishna’s house, and asks for him. The inspector says Krishna made Yuvraaj do an accident by making him having drugs. He says he has proof too, and when Krishna comes back, ask him to surrender to police.

Suhani prays to Lord and asks whats this happening, find some way that out happiness comes back. Yuvraaj rings the bell and says you will understand. Yuvraaj says you have faced problems, and went to police station because of me, so I want to give you a gift, and its me, my two days are yours, I will do anything you say. She says your task is you should keep smiling. She asks him to apologize to Soumya, and Soumya feels Yuvraaj loves her and cares for her. Dadi says I will prove in one day that Suhani has no relation with Yuvraaj, and if I prove it, you have to do what I say. Soumya agrees.

Dadi asks Yuvraaj to take Suhani for DDLJ movie. Suhani runs the bell and Yuvraaj rushes. Dadi tells Soumya that Yuvraaj does not love Suhani, else he would have not missed this chance. Rags asks Soumya to ask Suhani did she and Yuvraaj get close or not. Soumya gets a parcel and says this will proof whats the relation of Suhani and Yuvraaj. Rags shows divorce papers to Dadi. Soumya makes Suhani ready to check her relation with Yuvraaj, and asks her to spend time with him.

Soumya comes to Suhani and asks how did you sleep so early. Suhani says I wake up early daily. Soumya sees Suhani giving juice to Yuvraaj. Soumya stops Yuvraaj and says there is something in glass. She tries smelling perfume from his clothes, which she has applied to Suhani. Soumya asks why did you lie that Yuvraaj wore this shirt, its packed and why are these pillows in between, does Yuvraaj not love you. Suhani says no, he loves me a lot, he needs time to come close to me, I m giving him the time, everything will be fine. Soumya smiles. Suhani suggests to keep Christmas party at home and everyone like the idea.

They decide the gifting each other plan by a chit system. Suhani gets Yuvraaj’s name and Soumya gets angry. Rags puts Yuvraaj’s chit again and Soumya gets it. Suhani asks how did Yuvraaj’s name come again. Soumya says why, you tried to snatch Yuvraaj from me and see he came back to me, I mean chit. Suhani asks how did one chit got less in this. Pratima sees the bowl empty and says Sharad’s name chit is not here, it means Soumya got Sharad’s chit, so she should gift him. Dadi says let Suhani gift Sharad and Soumya will gift Yuvraaj. Dadi asks Suhani to do party arrangements and asks Soumya to see food arrangements. Dadi shows the divorce papers of Soumya and Krishna. Soumya is shocked. Dadi asks her to start her new relation with Yuvraaj. Will Soumya give divorce to Krishna? Keep reading.