Shefali Sharma takes inspiration from her mother to ace her role in Zee TV’s Sanjog

MUMBAI: Zee TV has been a trendsetter in shaping television content over the past three decades. Having narrated several stories that have resonated beautifully with audiences across India, Zee TV and Rashmi Sharma Telefilms have come together yet again to present viewers with a new fiction offering – Sanjog, a mature family drama that showcases the intricacies of the relationship between two very different mothers – Amrita Gauri, and their respective daughters.
While we had revealed to you that popular actress Shefali Sharma will be seen playing the role of Amrita in Sanjog, it looks like she has been putting her heart and soul in getting into the skin of the character. In fact, this is the first time Shefali is playing the role of a mother and to understand the nuances of her character, Shefali has actually taken some help and inspiration from her real mother. After all, who can help you understand motherhood better than your own mother?

As Shefali Sharma mentioned, “This is the very first time I am portraying the character of a mother on-screen, and I am super excited about this. While I did my thorough research for the part by reading all the documents we had and seeing several mother-daughter videos, I wanted some help to get all the nuances right. From my actions to my reactions, the way I carry myself, to how I speak to Tara (Hazel Shah), how I behave with her, and so on, I wanted to get each aspect correct. To ace these nuances, I took the help of my real mother and I don’t think any person would be able to help me other than my mother. I have always seen my mother as a supermom, and so, she was the first person I reached out to take some tips for the show. I hope I am able to do justice to the character of Amrita and the audience loves my character and the show.”

While Shefali is putting her best foot forward to get into the skin of her character, it will be interesting to witness the heart-warming, rollercoaster journey of these two mothers, who are unable to figure out why their daughters are so different from their own selves.

Join this inspirational journey of two mothers, trying to navigate the complexities of parenting by tuning into Sanjog, every Monday to Friday at 10 pm, only on Zee TV!

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