Revealed: Bedroom secrets of Pooja and Sandeep

TV beauty Pooja Banerjee is all over the place these days. Post her marriage with national level swimmer Sandeep Sejwal, there is an added glow on her face and her smile is beaming even more.
The swimmer duo complement each other in their own ways. Pooja on her “crazy life” with Sandeep shared that she doesn’t even realize, they are married.
The actress actually let all the cats from her bedroom out in a tell all chat .
Which side of the bed is your favourite?
the left side! That’s the side I sleep.
Who makes the morning bed tea?
I do.
Who snores?
Nobody! We both are sportspersons.
Ever fought for a blanket?
Never, we have huge blankets.
Cuddle or Kiss: What do you both prefer?
I prefer cuddling, any day!
Comfortable pajamas or sexy night outfit?
Always pajamas. That’s one outfit I would prefer for whole life!

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