Raman and Ishita being supportive and loving towards each other in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Mihir sits to get engaged with Trisha, but does not have much strength to do what his heart is stopping him for. Mihir gets up leaving Trisha’s hand and tells everyone that he can’t get engaged to Trisha, as he loves Mihika. Mihir tells everyone that he always loved Mihika and will always love Mihika forever. Mihika gets happy. Trisha leaves. Tandon gets angry and Raman tells him to give him a chance to speak to Mihir. Raman slaps Mihir many times and asks him why he can’t respect his decision. Mihir tells him that if he does not love Trisha, it would be unfair with her if he marries her. Raman hugs him for speaking the truth being bold atlast. He tells everyone that it was his plan to make him admit his feelings infront of everyone, as he has to take a stand for love.

Mihika thanks Raman. Tandon gets furious and asks Raman whats all this, what about Trisha now. Raman tells him that Trisha loves Pathak. Tandon gets more angry knowing Pathak is a divorcee. Ishita convinces him asking him to think about Trisha’s happiness, as the marriage without love is baseless. Tandon accepts Trisha and Pathak and hugs them. Mihir gets engaged to Mihika and Trisha gets engaged to Pathak. Everyone are happy and starts dancing. The women also join the dance and look much happy. Ishita wants to thank Raman for all this and gives a speech in Punjabi for Raman.

She says Raman has united the lovers and now I know Raman is a good human being. Ishita praises Raman saying he is a good son, good father and good husband, he did not anything wrong, but his way of doing his work is different. She says I thank him for all the things he did. Raman gets a call and leaves telling Romi to make him hear the speech on phone. Raman comes to the hospital and sees Adi crying. Raman asks Adi what is police doing here. Adi says he is the one, Raman Kumar Bhalla, my mum is in this state because of him. Raman comes to know that Shagun is serious, as did suicide.

Raman understands that Shagun is doing drama. Ashok and Parmeet come there. Parmeet makes Raman angry by his taunts, Raman goes ahead to beat him, but Mihir stops him. Bua ji meets Ishita in the party and taunts Mrs. Bhalla that Ishita should cook for her as part of the ritual. Ishita says I will make it for you, I did not have time to learn cooking, but now I will learn and make you eat it, I m Bhalla’s bahu. The inspector comes to take Shagun’s statement and asks did anyone force you to take this step. Shagun thinks how much Raman insulted her. Shagun saves Raman by saving him and taking the blame on himself.

Raman scolds Shagun for falling so low and leaves. He comes home and Ishita asks him to appreciate her speech. Raman praises her a lot and tells her that he heard all the speech on Romi’s phone. Raman’s phone gets damaged and he uses an old phone. Ishita thinks she should buy a new phone for him. She takes Ruhi to shopping and asks her to buy one. Ruhi buys a pink one and Ishita does not see it. They come to Raman’s office and gift him. Raman opens the gift in the conference hall infront of everyone, and they laugh seeing the pink phone.

Simmi asks Ishita to make chicken, as she is making only veg dishes. Ishita is shocked seeing no one at home, and she is left alone to cook chicken. Ruhi supports her and helps her in cooking. Ishita cooks chicken and serves it to Bua ji. Bua ji does not like it, and criticizes it a lot. Raman comes there and asks whats going on. Ruhi tells him everything. Raman takes Ishita’s side and scolds Bua ji. Ishita talks well to Bua ji to convince her. Bala calls Romi to come and meet him to get the answer key to the question paper. Romi knows Bala is fooling him and accts smart. Romi comes to meet Bala and frames in the bribe case. All the board members go against Bala and think Romi is innocent.

Bala is shocked thinking how did this happen. Romi smiles. Bala gets suspended and even Vandu loses her post. Vandu believes in Bala and is puzzled thinking why did he not tell her before about this. Bala tells her everything what was his plan, and how Romi failed it. What will happen now? Will Bala be able to prove himself innocent? Keep reading.