Raman feels proud of Ishita for doing Pooja’s delivery in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Everyone watch the breaking news about the MLA death and the curfew in the city. They are shocked and everyone gets stuck at home. Mrs. Bhalla calls Raman and asks him to stay in the office at night. Parmeet hears this and thinks of an opportunity to spend some good time with Ishita. He mixes wine in her drink and gives it to her. He insists her to drink it but the drink goes to Mrs. Bhalla. She drinks it and understands its loaded. She praises Ishita a lot infront of all the guests and considers herself lucky to get a brilliant and honest bahu like Ishita.

She says Ishita is the best for Raman and the she loves her a lot. She gives a gold chain to Ishita as a token of love. Ishita and her mum are very happy hearing the good praises from her. Mrs. Bhalla thanks Bala’s mum for rejecting Ishita and hence she became their bahu. Bala’s mum is jealous. Ishita’s mum tells Bala’s mum that Ishita got a lovely family who loves her a lot and treats her as their daughter. Ishita smiles. Parmeet comes to know that Ishita did not drink the wine and his plan failed. He thinks of next chance and leaves.

As the party goes on and everyone is having fun, Pooja who is Ishita’s neighbor, gets labor pain as she was 9 months pregnant. Everyone get worried for her as they can’t take her to hospital because of the curfew state. Romi calls Raman and tells him about the problem. Raman tells him to stop everyone at home and he will go to the hospital to bring an ambulance. Ishita tells everyone that Pooja can’t wait now and takes her to the hospital. They are stopped by the police and then the goons, so they can’t reach the hospital. Raman reaches the hospital and comes to know that Ishita is coming there. He waits for her there and she does not come.

Raman looks for Ishita everywhere and is shocked knowing a red car caught fire. He thinks its Ishita’s car and panics. The pilice stops him from going ahead and he gets into an argument with them. Romi calls him and tells him that Ishita could not reach and is coming back home. Ishita brings Pooja back home and is tensed. They take her to the community hall. Everyone are tensed. Ishita talks to Pooja’s doctor and she tells her to follow her steps and do the delivery. Ishita does as she says. The doctor guides her. Ishita and all the women try hard. Ishita does the delivery and a baby girl is born. Pooja is thankful to Ishita. Pammi is also very grateful and praises Ishita a lot.

Raman sees Shagun stuck somewhere and helps her. He tells her that he will drop her home. She agrees and on the way she praises Ashok a lot. When they reach her home, the servant tells Shagun that Ashok is drinking wine and is not worried about her. Raman laughs on her and asks her to think about Ashom now. Shagun feels insulted. Raman reaches home. Pammi asks Ishita to make the baby taste honey. Bala’s mum tells her that Ishita is a infertile woman and it won’t be good if she does not ritual. Pammi says she will do the ritual herself. Ishita cries. Ruhi hears all the taunts on Ishita and runs to Mrs. Bhalla.

She asks her whats the meaning of that bad word and comes back to answer Bala’s mum. She scolds her and tells her that I m Ishita’s daughter, she is my mum, she is not childless. Raman hears this and sees Ruhi and Ishita hugging and crying. Raman is touched seeing what his daughter can do to protect her mum. Everyone are happy and Pammi apologizes to Ishita. Bala’s mum is asked to apologize. Ishita’s mum supports Ishita and hugs her. Everyone come back home and its Baisakbhi’s festival ahead.

Everyone are happy and greet each other. Mr. Iyer tells everyone that he arranged a function for this festival. Everyone come in the function and have a great time. Mrs. Iyer asks Mihika to dress well. Mihir is bowled over seeing her beauty. Trisha comes to know about Mihir and Mihika’s love story and does not care as its past now. Trisha wishes to marry Mihir soon. Raman thinks of thanking Ishita in the function. Parmeet eyes Ishita when she is getting ready for the function. Ishita feels awkward is his presence and comes in the function. Ishita is honored in the function for doing a good deed, that’s Pooja’s delivery which was a miracle for them. Raman is asked to share his opinion about Ishita. Will Raman speak good about Ishita? Keep reading.