Priya Marathe spooked after shooting for Kaun Hai?

Horror has a new name this Friday as COLORS Kaun Hai? Churns out yet another nail biting narrative. Called Haunted Well, the episode features versatile television actress Priya Marathe and the handsome Alok Narula who essay the role of a married couple in the show.

Set in the backdrop of Mumbai’s famous chawl which features a haunted well, the duo comes to reside in the said chawl where the prolonged water queues to fetch water would annoy the husband. One day, he just decides to steal water from a sealed well. This seemingly innocent act leads to a series of unfateful events that makes the residents’ blood run cold.

Talking about her character in the show Priya Marathe said, “I’m one of those people who would never visit a theatre to watch a scary movie, so shooting for Kaun- Hai made me much more confident to face my fears. We shot for this episode in the outskirts of the city, mostly late in the night because the story telling demanded it. Going back home thereafter, especially when you’re shooting for such a horrific sequence would get all of us quite jittery. But I really enjoyed the overall experience of shooting for my first horror show.”

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