Pranitaa Pandit: Competition intense in showbiz, only the fittest survive

For every human being, both career and work are important because it is eventually survival of the fittest, says actress Pranitaa Pandit.

Pranitaa says that there is a lot of competition but as far as showbiz is concerned, the competition is immense.

“You’ve to keep telling yourself that it is okay and have faith. Give it your best. If we start thinking and get into that loop of rejection, then it really plays up on your mind. I keep telling myself that good things will happen,” says the actress known for her work in TV shows like ‘Kasam’, ‘Kawach’, ‘Uttaran’ and ‘Jamai Raja’.

She continues: “The amount of rejection an actor faces, I don’t think anyone can ever face in any other career. And that actually makes us stronger and more sensitive. My point of view on this entire thing is that it is inevitable. Showbiz is full of rejections as well as opportunities.

“We just have to be very mindful and keep going on. Of course, every actor is hungry for meaty roles… But a lot of times things don’t work out and sometimes they do. So, you cannot give up. It’s important to have a life parallel to this career, otherwise you can really get sucked into it.”

Pranitaa’s inspiration in acting is every human being she comes across. Her observation of people around her with different perceptions, thought processes, body languages and looks helps her.

“As an actor, we can get to play anyone, from a beggar to a mad man. So, you have to take inspiration out of every single opportunity and you have to observe your surroundings really well. External awareness can lead to internal awareness,” adds the actor.

Talking more about the pros and cons of the profession, Pranitaa shares: “The kind of attention, recognition and love you get is immense. This is something that no other profession gives you. Also, the respect and love we receive are the biggest plus. For an actor, the kind of rejection that one faces is the biggest con.

“There are equal amounts of opportunities and rejections. Whatever must be happening in your personal life, if you are doing a daily show you have to shoot. You can’t call in sick like in other professions. In our work, the commitment level is quite high.”

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