Pooja Kava opens up on the transformation of Tejal’s character in Tera Mera Saath Rahe, shares her views on love

Star Bharat’s show Tera Mera Saath Rahe has been constantly entertaining viewers ever since the first episode.

With actors like Rupal Patel, Gia Manek, Mohammad Nazim, and Vandana Vithlanee reuniting, the makers have roped in some fresh faces too this time.

Pooja Kava, Rajkumar Singh, Jyoti Mukherjee, Sumati Singh, and Nitin Vakharia among others are seen in pivotal roles on the show.

Pooja is seen as Tejal, who is Meenal and Keshav’s daughter and Saksham and Chirag’s younger sister.

The audiences are in love with Pooja’s amazing performance, and she has received a positive response from fans.

The recent track of the story saw that Tejal was about to marry VJ, but things turned out to be worse for her after Saksham and Gopi manage to expose him.

Mithila made a big decision of getting Tejal married to Hiten, who happens to be Gopika and Ashi’s brother.

Tejal is not at all happy with Mithila’s decision but has no choice and agrees to it.

A crucial track of Hiten and Tejal’s married life has started. Viewers are going to get to see a lot of new twists and turns in the story.

We got in touch with Pooja, who spoke at length about the show and much more.

Fans feel Tejal’s character is turning grey. What are your thoughts on this?

Tejal’s character is grey. She is good with good people and bad with bad people. Her bond with Saksham and Chirag is really nice and she behaves well with them. She is also extremely loving towards her mother Meenal. However, now that she has been forcefully married to
Hiten, things are quite different for her. When she goes to Ramila’s house, she again behaves in the same way Ramila behaves with her.

Tejal was in a toxic relationship with VJ and she is still not able to get over her. How justified this behavior is as per your views?

VJ is everything for Tejal. She is blindly in love with VJ. She is not able to understand whatever he is doing with her. Tejal is only able to see his good qualities. She is not able to see VJ negative or bad traits. It’s not a toxic relationship for Tejal because she is in love with VJ. Viewers will see VJ and Tejal meeting again even after all the drama takes place during their wedding. VJ’s chapter is not over in Tejal’s life.

What is your definition of love?

My definition for love is that there shouldn’t be any expectations in return. Whatever you are doing, do it with love. Have that kind of understanding with your partner. One should love someone unconditionally.

Well said, Pooja!

Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

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