Mumbai is a beautiful city with beautiful people : Anupama Solanki

Actress Anupama Solanki, who will be next seen in webseries His Story, completed three years in Mumbai and the actress has cherished every moment of her journey. Speaking more on this she says,” There was a struggle initially. This was mainly due to my house hunting in this city. Besides that, auditions were also tough as I knew no one in this city. Luckily my mother was with me so I managed. Her support helped me move ahead and gradually I started giving auditions and got my favourite tv show “Ye Hai Mohabattien “ After that, slowly slowly things became better.” Anupama’s father was in the Army so she and her family travelled to many states in India. Right now her family is in Chandigarh, and Anupama loves this city as she has attended college there

Speaking more on the city of dreams Anupama adds,”Mumbai is a beautiful city with beautiful people.It is an incredible city which welcomes you with an open heart, lets you fulfil your dreams if you work hard. The best thing in Mumbai is that it is the safest city in India. Girls feel safe at any point of time in Mumbai and that’s a blessing for any girl. The worst part is the heavy traffic on roads, I have spent a lot of time in Chandigarh and this city’s infrastructure is too good and can easily compared with any international city. I feel Mumbai is not as developed as it should be. We are in 2021 and still Metro train facilities are very rare. The lifeline of Mumbai is the local trains and the first time I boarded one, the crowd amazed me.” Mumbai is known as the city of dreams so what dream does Anupama nurse? “There are lots of dreams regarding Mumbai but right now I want to be a successful actress and am working towards it and thank you Mumbai for helping me believe in this dream.”

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