Mahhima Kottary: My journey has been a learning process for me

MUMBAI: Actor Mahhima Kottary, who is currently seen in the show Muskaan, says that her journey in showbiz has taught her a lot. “So far work-wise, the journey has been like a roller coaster ride. I was auditioning and shooting for ads and prints all this while and I was being offered roles that I wasn’t keen on doing. So, I was waiting for the right opportunity and after 5 years, Muskaan is the first daily soap I signed. I wouldn’t call this 5-year wait as a low phase though as it was a learning process for me. Another high point in my career was when I signed my first Telugu film, Nenu Kidnap Aayyanu as the lead,” she says.

Talking about how she became an actor, she says, “I happened to shoot for an ad when I was in college and after that, I started getting a lot of print shoot opportunities. I started modelling. It was during that phase that I realised that being in front of the camera gives me a high and I should start working on my craft and skills. I trusted my instincts and followed the path. I come from an advertising background so I knew I had to do something that in the field of media and entertainment only.”

The actor is on the lookout for interesting roles. “I would like to do roles that allow me to perform and are challenging. Strong roles which can make an impact on people or society,” he says.

She adds, “As an actor, I don’t want to be typecast and restrict myself to playing only certain characters. I want to experiment with and explore different roles. I’m open to playing both positive and negative characters and want to entertain the audience.”

She adds, “The beauty of web-series is its versatility. There is a lot of creative freedom as well. If an interesting story and role come up, then I would love to explore that medium as well.”

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