Madirakshi Mundle loses someone very close to her heart!

The actress is bereaved.

It is always a saddening thing to lose someone close to you; and it becomes more disheartening if that happens very suddenly.

Actress Madirakshi Mundle who is currently winning hearts with her portrayal of Sita in the epic show, ‘Siya Ke Ram’, recently lost someone very close to her heart.

And that special person is her beloved grandfather,who has recently passed away. The actress was informed about the same and she immediately flew down from her shoot in Hyderabad to Nagpur, to attend his post-demise practices.

According to a leading news daily, Madirakshi mentioned how close she was to her grandfather and how he was her biggest fan. She recalled all the beautiful moments she had with him and how he loved her work as Sita in the show. In fact, the best moment happened when her grandfather visited her on the sets of ‘Siya Ke Ram’ to witness the shooting of the famous war sequence between Ram (Ashish Sharma) and Ravan (Karthik Jayaram).

The actress concluded telling that even though she doesn’t have him physically in her life, she is happy that he will be watching over her from up there and blessing her.

We express our deepest condolences to Madirakshi and may her grandfather’s soul rest in peace.

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