Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi is determined to marry Preeta

The episode begins with Prithvi regaining consciousness. He gets shocked to see himself tied and remembers what Karan had told him. Prithvi gets himself released somehow. He gets very furious as his wedding with Preeta couldn’t be happen. He suspects Karan for doing brain wash against him. Prithvi also assumes that Karan must have disguised as a groom instead of him but determines to get married to Preeta somehow.

In the Luthra house, Karina tells that she felt happy and light as she could spend some time with her friend Sanjana. But she worries as she doesn’t see Sherlyn in the house for quite a long time. Sanjana also worries as she is not aware whether Sherlyn has succeeded in calling off Prithvi’s wedding or she is still there. By that time Sherlyn enters in the house. Sanjana tells Karina that Sherlyn is back. Karina wonders as she wasn’t aware that Sherlyn had gone to stop Prithvi’s wedding. Sherlyn looks very angry. She goes straightway to her room without talking to Karina and Sanjana.Karina finds it weird. Sanjana handles the situation by saying that Sherlyn gets upset very quickly with even small issues and assures to talk to Sherlyn. Karina finds it normal. On the other hand, Rishabh comes to Mahesh’s room. He tries to talk to Mahesh as he cares for his father but Mahesh doesn’t respond. Rishabh shares all his worries and tensions as he is not able to handle the family specially Karan who has become very weird. Rishabh also shares about the misunderstanding Karan has about Preeta. Rishabh feels very frustrated. So he wants his father to get back to the consciousness to help him sort out all the issues. He literally cries asking Mahesh to talk to him. But gets disappointed as he doesn’t get any response from Mahesh.

In the next moment, Mahesh recollects about his accident and Sherlyn. Rishabh also feels some movement with Mahesh’s hand. In the mean time, Prithvi disguises as a person with beard. He wants to trap Karan who cheated him for getting married to Preeta. Prithvi determines to marry Preeta. Prithvi calls a goon and instructs him about the things he wants for his plan. The goon happily agrees to help Prithvi for money. On the other hand, Sanjana comes to meet Sherlyn in her room. She notices that Sherlyn is very hurtful and disappointed. She tries to console Sherlyn. But Sherlyn starts crying a lot as she doesn’t want Prithvi to marry Preeta. Sanjana tells Sherlyn that everything is over now but Sherlyn still loves Prithvi. She determines to make Prithvi feel guilty for what he has done. She cries a lot. Meanwhile, Rishabh gets restless as he notices some movement in Mahesh’s body. He calls the doctor and asks him to come back to see Mahesh as there was some movement. Doctor wonders to learn that Mahesh had caught Rishabh’s hand. He also assures to come back and check Mahesh.

Rishabh keeps on trying to make Mahesh regain consciousness by reminding him about Karan behaving weird and all other things. Rishabh also shares about his doubt that Karan might call off Preeta’s wedding. But this time Mahesh doesn’t respond.In the wedding, Shrishty wonders as she notices Sameer being very happy and excited to see Preeta getting married. She questions him about it. But Sameer doesn’t tell her the truth. Shrishty keeps on chasing him about the truth. Sameer keeps on pretending that he is not happy but he is just acting of being happy to see her. Sherlyn blushes and trusts Sameer. Sameer decides to stay away from Shrishty else she will keep on judging him. While he goes aside, Prithvi bumps into him. But fails to recognize Prithvi.

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