Kundali Bhagya is a very important and cherished phase of my life: Shraddha Arya

Shraddha Arya is one celebrity who is now an A-Lister and it is Kundlai Bhagya on Zee TV which has made her an overnight star. She, with her hardwork and dedication charmed her way through the hearts of the audience and we must say that one of the most successful people are the ones who are humble and grounded.

Shraddha, being one of them, in an exclusive conversation, shared some details about her experience shooting for the show.

Take a look:

I want to know what made you say yes for the role of Preeta and what you like most about your character?

I don’t have any question of saying yes to a role or a show which is a spin off the leading show at that time, KumKum Bhagya was a leading show for three four years already when we started and it was a spin off of kumkum so our show that is made by Balaji Studios that is made by Ekta Kapoor. So it looked like a perfect assignment or perfect proposal, there was no doubt to say yes or no it was a certain yes.

You’ve been a part of many shows. Do you think that Kundali Bhagya has turned tables in terms of your career ?

It is definitely one of the shows, it’s the show that brought me to limelight or gave me a kind of recognition that I would have liked earlier on, so it definitely did very well for my career. There is no doubt about this thing this show has done very good for my career it has brought it up in an amazing manner, and yes its very important phase and very cherished phase of my life.

So people know you as Preeta now and they are gaga about you but what was your first reaction when you were first finalized for the show?

At that time everything happened in a jiffy. They just knew that the want me for Preeta so there were no additions that happened, I’m sure a lot of them happened but not with me. They decided to get me on board and then and spoke to me and when the things were finalized the very next day I went on set to shoot the promo of the show and everything happened so quickly that I had no time to realise that this has actually happened and my first reaction was kind of dumbstruck, I was numb that such big turn in my life, and I couldn’t really feel it and as we went on with the show I realised. I was quite happy with the decision that I made.

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