Why did Kiku Sharda and Ali Asgar refuse to shoot with Akshay Kumar!

It’s only then Akshay Kumar dragged them to the stage…

Recently, Akshay Kumar, along with his co-stars Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta visited the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. While audiences could not control their excitement to see the star, there were two people who wanted to avoid meeting him. They were, none other than Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda.

But before you think there is some cold war brewing between the actors, let us tell you that they refused to shoot because they were afraid!
Yes, the duo was afraid of getting beaten up by the star as every time Akshay is part of the show, both Ali and Kiku end up being beaten by him as he performs various stunts on them! Guess this is Akshay’s way of showing his love for them.

A source close to the show informs, “Even though Ali Asgar and Kiku Sharda were on the sets, they refused to shoot for the episode as soon as they found out Akshay Kumar was on set. They refused to come on stage and were sitting in their room. However, when Akshay came to know about it, he went off stage to find the two.”

Interestingly, they were dragged on stage by Akshay and a bodyguard. The bodyguard even hit them while Akshay dragged them to the stage. The entire scene was captured on camera and was shown to Kapil later. When asked why they refused to shoot, Kiku and Ali revealed that every time Akshay is on set, they end up getting beaten by the actor.
It will indeed be one of the hilarious sequences of the show and viewers will surely be in splits when they see it.

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