Kabhi Sautan Kabhi Saheli moment on the set of Ladies Special

It is generally noted that actors have different bonding on-screen and off-screen. Ladies Special on Sony Entertainment Television has three female leads who share a very good camaraderie off-screen as well. Apart from the three ladies, Bijal Joshi and Jia Mustafa playing the role of Bindu and Kangana respectively are seen having one such very twisted bitter rivalry on screen but their social media narrates a different story! In Sony Entertainment’s most popular show Ladies Special, Kangana (Jia Mustafa) is in love with Bindu’s (Bijal Joshi) husband Amar (Ojas Rawal) and tries her best to not let the duo get close to each other. But, Bijal and Jia gel a lot with each other in real life. They are seen joking and trying to pull each other’s legs. Above that, their social media is full of their off-screen fun moments together.

Upon asking Bijal said “I came here knowing no one and I found a very good friend in Jia, surprisingly it did not even take much time.

It was Jia with whom I had to spend a lot of time on screen because she was against my relationship with Ojas as she loved him. And we had to understand each other’s role to fit in the shoes of our characters and give our best whilst shooting. Hence a lot of interaction gave rise to this amazing friendship. The more we fight on-screen the more we gel off screen.”

To the same question Jia said “It is fun working with Bijal. It all started with the on-screen drama. The on-screen relationship is so bitter that after the shoot gets over, we laugh over it. And soon did we start getting to know each other better. We sort of share a lot of similarities. But no one can believe this fact of our friendship after seeing us on the television.”

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