Ishita and Raman slowly falling in love; Mihir worried seeing Mihika getting engaged to Vibhu in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman makes Ishita jealous by telling a fake love story about his college crush Sona. He says I know, why are you irritated. She says why will I be irritated, I really don’t care. He says I was joking. Mihir does not take Raman’s call as he thinks Raman will be fuming on him knowing about his date plan.Raman comes to know it was Mihir’s idea to send them on a date. The power goes. She says calm down, I will find candles. She slips and he holds her. He says I will bring candles. He falls. She asks what happened.

He says nothing, my phone fell. She asks why so much noise. He says I was with my phone too. Her finger gets cut and Raman ties his hanky. Raman says move, tell me what to do. He cuts the vegetables and onions. They make Suji ka Upma and sit to eat. A thief hears Bhalla family is out and comes to steal something. Raman catches the thief and both of them jump on the bed seeing the cockroach. The thief tells his sufferings because of his wife. Raman understands his pain and gives him some money.

Ishita is surprised and says its something wrong, you don’t talk normal to normal people and sharing problems with a thief, you need a psychiatrist. Raman and Ishita all the RJ and speak up their complains about each other. RJ holds his head and asks them to sort it out at home. Raman sees curtain rod falling on Ishita and runs to save her. They fall and get wrapped in it. Everyone come home. Raman says they came and are shocked to see Raman and Ishita in such odd state. They free Raman and Ishita. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that I feel they wanted to stay alone, so they did not call us. Ashok comes to meet Parmeet seeing him in lockup. Parmeet says Ashok Khanna, Raman’s biggest enemy.

Ashok says we have common enemy, think my friendship can benefit you or not. Raman’s hand is hurt. Ishita does the first aid. She feels back pain. He applies the balm and Simmi walks in. Simmi is shocked and leaves. Tandon arrives for Trisha’s engagement. Romi comes to Bala for question papers but Bala lies to him. Romi hears him talking to Vandu and comes to know he is fooling him. Ishita comes to meet Mihika and tells her I will play Raman’s game. Raman and Ishita come to the venue to finalize the decorations. Simmi fills Mrs. Bhalla’s ears against Ishita and her family. Simmi says they should give us gifts, I think they don’t like Mihir because of Mihika, they are saving money.

Parmeet joins hand with Ashok and says thanks for bailing me. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla comes to meet Mrs. Iyer and asks for gifts which Amma declines saying its dowry which is wrong. Ishita gifts all the mothers wishing them Happy Mothers Day. Ruhi gifts her Raman, which looks so sweet to everyone. The guy says I m S Vibhu He says I came to meet Mihika for marriage. . He says we met online on Tamil matrimonial site, I came to meet her from US. Raman says Ishita are you mad, choosing guy from internet. Raman asks about engagement. Vandu says on same day on Mihir’s engagement. Mihir gets upset. The shopping and the arrangements go on well in both the families.

Romi frames Bala giving him money and taking pics, showing he is taking bribe from him. Pathak comes and informs Raman that Parmeet got bail. Raman is shocked and says its not possible, who did his bail. Pathak says Ashok Khanna. Simmi comes to meet Parmeet. She says I m there to get justice for you, but you joined hands with Ashok, he is our enemy, how can you join him.Parmeet pacifies her by getting her in his cunning words. Mihika returns Mihir’s gifts to him. Mihir gets sad thinking about their love.

Romi hires a choreographer and she teaches dance to everyone. Mrs. Iyer and Mrs. Bhalla have an argument over using the community hall. Jai Kakkad, the jeweler comes to deliver the gold sets to Mrs. Bhalla and sees Mrs. Iyer there. They are college friends. Mrs. Bhalla comes to know about their love story and tells it to Mr. Iyer which annoys him. Romi and Trisha are dating and Ishita comes to know about this. She tells it to Raman who does not believe her. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ishita trying to break Mihir and Trisha’s engagement. Parmeet tells Ashok that Ishita is breaking Trisha’s engagement, who is Tandon’s sister. Ashok says Tandon will be angry knowing this.

Mihir is jealous seeing Mihika with Vibhu. Ishita has planted Vibhu to act as they are keeping fake engagement of Mihika, just to make Mihir realize his feelings and admit to Raman. Vandu and Ishita have an argument where Vandu calls Raman a fool and Ishita gets annoyed and calls Bala the fool. Bala hears this and she says sorry. She runs and falls on Raman. Raman gets jealous hearing Ishita praise Bala so much. Is this the start of love between them? Will Mihir tell Raman that he loves Mihika, and can’t get engaged to Trisha? What will Tandon do then? Keep reading.