Ishita helps Simmi and Parmeet and Raman feels her goodness in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita gets a huge misunderstanding that Raman wants to make a fresh start with her ending their fight. How this happens, let us tell you. Mihir writes some chits for Mihika, saying her sorry, asking to make a fresh start and giving their love another chance. Ishita gets all the chits and thinks Raman is apologizing to her and he is asking her to a second chance. She is very happy reading the chits and hugs the chits. She feels Raman could have told her about this. She notices a changed behavior in Raman and thinks it is positive for them and their marriage.

While she is in washroom, Raman comes to her and sees some food particle on her lips, he cleans it and she feels happy seeing his concern. She thinks Raman is really falling for her and is glad this is happening. She feels nervous as Raman shuts the room’s door and wakes up doing his work. He asks her to sleep on the bed which she misunderstands thinking he is trying to come closer to her. She feels it is too early for them and escapes from the room making an excuse. Raman feels she is strange as he does not know about the chit thing.

Raman goes in the hall to take his file and the file is under her pillow. She thinks Raman came to her and is tensed. He takes the file and leaves. Ishita laughs on her thinking and sleeps. Next day, Raman looks at someone else and waves bye while leaving. Ishita is in the balcony and thinks he is signing to her. She also signs him bye and smiles. Amma sees Ishita and Raman together having a love bond and she gets happy thinking their marriage is getting successful now. Raman gets tooth pain and comes to meet Ishita at her dental clinic for the treatment. Ishita thinks he is making an excuse just to meet her and is happy.

Raman acts rude and she asks him about the chits. He says am I mute to write chits and communicate with you. He tells her that he has not written any chits. She asks then who has written it and shows him the chits. Raman says its Mihir’s handwriting. Ishita says then it means he wrote it for Mihika. She asks Raman to understand that Mihir loves Mihika and he is asking for a second chance and a new start. Raman does not care and says Mihir will be meeting Trisha as Mihika does not deserve him and she is not good for him. Ishita gets upset.

Ishita knows how much Mihika loves Mihir and he loves her too, bit Mihir is only moving back because of Raman. Ishita talks to Mihir and asks him to go against Raman and accept Mihika. Mihir does not have guts to do that and supports Raman. Ishita gets angry on him for being such a coward. Mihir tells her that no one can understand what Raman means to him. Raman is more than a brother for him and he can never go against Raman.

Ishita sees Raman’s sister Simmi on the road and meets her. She comes to know about Simmi and her husband Parmeet’s problem. She decides to help them. Parmeet gets framed in a fake sexual abuse case by his co worker and get fired at his job. He suffers financially and all his respect is also gone. Ishita starts meeting them often and lies to Raman that she is in clinic. Raman sees her at a hotel and starts doubting on her.

Though he does not care about her personal status, he does not wish all this to affect Ruhi in any way. He asks Ishita where was she and why did she lie to him. Ishita does not tell him anything. Parmeet comes home and tells the whole matter about he is charged on abuse case and the woman is demanding him money to free him of the case. He tells Raman and his family that Ishita helped them a lot and is even taking a big loan to support them. Raman feels ashamed for doubting on Ishita. Will this be a new start in Raman and Ishita’s life? Will Raman love Ishita seeing her goodness? Keep reading.