Harshita Gaur Opens up on Discussing Kissing Scenes with her Parents!

Harshita Gaur gained immense fame and popularity for her role as Sanyukta in Channel V show ‘Sadda Haq’. The actress opened up on her parents’ reactions and discussing kissing scenes with them.

She said that that the first time she had to kiss on screen for her show Sadda Haq, there was a little hesitation. However, she discussed it with her parents and they gave her the nod. Harshita added, ‘Initially, it was a bit uncomfortable but with time I settled with it. I wanted my family to be comfortable and feel that the scene is an essential part of the script.’

She also mentioned that now if she have to do a kissing scene, she doesn’t discuss it as such as that stage has been passed. ‘They have already accepted. However, if something other than that comes in, I have to discuss it with them. Honestly, my parents are extremely supportive- they won’t refuse for anything they know I want to do,’ she added.

Harshita was also recently seen in Zoom Studios series Happily Ever After.

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