Erica Fernandes REVEALS how she balances work and professional life

Erica Fernandes is one of the most popular TV actresses. Currently, she is seen playing the female lead in the reboot version of Kausatii Zindagii Kay.

In an interview, the actress revealed several things, along with getting misconstrued many-a-times because she is very reserved. She said, “People sometimes think I am a party animal but trust me, when I am in a party, I sit in a corner unless I find someone I know and then I cling on to that person throughout the party. I can be a goofball when I know people but otherwise, I take time to open up to people.” She also revealed that post-Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, she started maintaining a work-life balance because there came a point when she literally wanted to pull her hair out. “Every month, I make it a point to take five days off and travel because I need it. I had an experience in my previous show where I literally wanted to pull my hair. So, this time I made sure I get time for myself.”

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