Check out how many times Payal Rohatgi got into legal trouble

Payal Rohatgi is an Indian actress who has a body of work on both television and Bollywood. The actress has been part of some reality shows like Survivor India, Welcome – Baazi Mehmaan Nawaz Ki and Nach Baliye Season 7.

The actress has made controversial remarks on social media on multiple occasions and has grabbed the headlines, which has landed her in a legal soup. However, that doesn’t stop the actor from voicing her opinion and she continues to speak what she feels for which she has been trolled several times on Twitter.

Now we bring you some of the incidents where the actress landed in legal trouble :

Payal Rohatgi comments on Nehru post: Payal was slammed with a legal case for sharing objectionable content against the Nehru-Gandhi family on social media. The actress was also sent to jail for 9 days but then released on bail.

Payal Rohatgi comments on Safoora Zargar: Recently, the case Safoora has taken the internet by storm. Certain comments of Payal were promoting Hindu-Muslim hatred for which she was slammed with a legal notice.

Payal Rohatgi abusive tweets: The actress recently was trolled badly for her comments on Safoora Zargar and post that she sent out several abusive tweets on Twitter against all who were trolling her. A police complaint was lodged against the actress after her abusive tweets at Amboli police station in Mumbai and now there is another case on her.

Payal Rohatgi on Zara Wasim quitting Bollywood : When Zara had announced that she was quitting the film industry for religious reasons, it shocked the entire entertainment industry and her fans. Payal had commented on inequality in Islam for which a police complaint was lodged against her at Oshiwara police station in August 2019 over her remarks.

Payal Rohatgi comments on Maratha ruler Shivaji : The actress had claimed that Maratha ruler Shivaji was born in shudra varna and later moved up in caste hierarchy for which a leader had filed a complaint against her in Mumbai and demanded arrest over her remarks. Later the actress issued a video apology over Twitter.

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