Bipasha loves Karan’s new art work, a portrait of Ganesha

Actor Karan Singh Grover has painted a portrait of Ganesha and says his wife, actress Bipasha Basu, loves the piece of art.

Karan has been honing his painting skills through lockdown, and his portrait of Ganpati is a tribute to the festive spirit.

“This piece is called Seraphim. Seraphims are the highest rank of angels, they are the six-wing protectors of Gods. I was thinking that Seraphims are the protectors of God’s throne because God is their creator and Ganpati is who he is and he got how he is because he was protecting his mother, who was his creator. Somebody could call the protector Seraphim and someone could call him Ganpati,” said Karan.

The actor added that his works let him dive celebrate the concept that “all is one”.

He added: “It’s a piece very close to me and Bipasha, and she said that this is going to be up on the wall. It is right in front of our terrace door, protecting us at all times.”

Karan was recently seen with Bipasha on screen in the thriller web series “Dangerous”, co-starring Suyyash Rai, Natasha Suri, Sonali Raut, and Nitin Arora.

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