Bigg Boss Season 17 : OMG! Rannvijay Singha comes in support of Abhishek Kumar says “He deserves to win the show”

MUMBAI : Bigg Boss Season 17 is just one week away from the finale and soon the season would decide who would be the winner of this season.

Abhihsek Kumar since day one has been playing the game and is seen in the show.

We did see how in the initial days of the show, Abhishek used to pick up a fight with everyone in the house and especially showcase his undying love for Isha who apparently is his ex – girlfriend.

We did see the flip in the relationship when Isha’s current boyfriend Samarth had entered the show and how he broke down for a day and then moved on to KhanZaadi and was seen flirting with her.

We saw him telling her how he was trying to understand her in a different way and maybe something can happen between the two.

He is the only contestant in the house who has had maximum fights with all the contestants in the show, especially with Arun, KhanZaadi, Sunny, Isha and Samarth.

He has been trending on social media for all the wrong reasons and for his behavior towards Isha.

Every weekend we have seen how Salman Khan has pulled him up and warned him against his behavior but nothing has changed.

But the one thing that drove the people’s attention is the constant fight he had with Isha and Samarth where a lot of personal stuff was said about each other especially the time when he slapped Samarth owing to the personal comments done on him at that time he had received a lot of support from the outside world.

Rannvijay Singha who is known personality of television and a successful host and actor has now come in support of the actor.

He took to social media and revealed that he has extended his support to Abhishek.

He said “Initially it didn’t seem like Abhihsek could win the show but now I think he can and he deserves to win Bigg Boss Season 17”

Well, there is no doubt that Abhishek is a strong contestant of the show and he does deserve to reach the finale of the show.

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