Bigg Boss 11: Sapna Chaudhry’s private pictures leaked

The contestants of Bigg Boss 11 have been the talk of the time since their entry into the glass walled house. The Colors flagship reality TV series produced by Endemol has garnered a lot of publicity because of the antics of the inmates.
Be it the dirty spat between Arshi and Hina or the gay love affair between the Bigg Boss ex-contestant Priyank Sharma and openly bisexual contestant Vikas Gupta. After Zubair Khan’s suicide attempt, made another revelation about a frustrated Vikas Gupta who ran away from the BB manison and now, there is another shocking news waiting to be exposed to all and sundry, coming right from an insider’s stable.
Well, some very spicy pictures of the Haryanvi nautch singer/dancer Sapna Chaudhry have surfaced much to the inquisitiveness of the Bigg Boss house inmates .
Well, it is being said that Sapna Chaudhry is already married and that she has hidden this fact from Bigg Boss and the inmates as well. Marriage pictures of Sapna Chaudhry have fuelled all sorts of conversations amongst the other Bigg Boss contestants.
But wait, do these pictures and conversations have any base? Well, the fact is these pictures are not a part of her real life, these are pictures of her reel life. In one of her videos titled ‘Kaanchi’ she portrayed the role of a married girl and the pictures that are doing the rounds of the social media hark back to that era.
so guys, what do you think about the mentality of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house? Let us know in the comments section below.

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