Baldev and Rajveer have a football match; Simran wants to marry Baldev in Veera

Ranvi gets angry seeing Veera and Baldev coming home wearing the garlands and beats up Baldev. Veera comes in between them. Veera says its a drama, so that we can explain Ranvi that we could have done this if we wanted, no law can stop us. She says but we did not do this, as we want to marry by everyone’s acceptance. She asks Ranvi to agree for her and Baldev’s marriage. Baldev says see Ranvi, Veera loves and respects you a lot, she could have run away and married me, but she did not do this, as you are not happy with this relation. Some people come and inform them about Baldev and Veera’s marriage, and they did not invite them.


Bansuri and Balwant are shocked.  Ranvi says he will cut his nerve if she marries Baldev. Everyone is shocked. Veera throws the knife and says why are you doing this, its wrong, why are you threatening us. He says am I? Is your drama is not threatening me? Veera says she was explaining him. Ratan asks Ranvi to stop it and asks him to give one chance to Baldev for Veera’s love sake. Ranvi blesses Veera by keeping his hand on her head. Rajveer helps Ranvi get the road permission and impresses him.


Ranvi informs Veera and she does not tell Baldev, as he will get angry. Ranvi asks Veera to thank Rajveer as he told her that Rajveer got the road permission. Baldev hears this and is angry. He asks is he Ranvi’s friend? He gets annoyed as Veera did not tell him. She tries to make him smile and they start arguing with love. He says I love you, so I get angry.  Ratan tells Chai ji that she was worried when Veera and Baldev wearing garlands. Chai ji says what does Ranvi think, he will stop Veera and Baldev from loving, no, its tough. She says Ranvi should realize that its age for Veera to marry. Ranvi hears them and says I m also thinking this, but I want Veera to get a good guy. Chai ji says even we want this.


Ranvi says what do you think about Rajveer for Veera. They are shocked. Baldev says he does not know to express love with great words, he just knows that since he loved her, he is just hers, he is alive thinking she is his, wear this ring to show me you are ready. She hugs him. She says I m only yours, forever, no one else’ She says so this is a promise ring. Rajveer comes to meet Veera at the polyhouse. She keeps the ring as its catching mud.


Veera sees the ring gone and looks for it. Rajveer asks is it special. She says yes, Baldev gave me yesterday and I lost it. He says relax, I m sure Baldev will understand. He smiles hiding the ring. Ranvi and Veera see Ratan and Nihaal. Veera says Nihaal takes care of Ratan a lot. Ranvi says nothing more. She tries to say their relation is special and Ranvi gets angry saying its nothing. They talk about Rajveer. Veera says he went to polyhouse office and told about promoting football. Ranvi says why don’t we help Rajveer in making football team.


He asks Veera will she help him. Veera says yes, why should we lag behind for our Pind’s good. Veera says Rajveer is making football team and Ranvi and I are helping him. Rajveer goes. Baldev asks Veera is Rajveer flirting with her. She says what, nothing, I m only yours, jealous Baldev. Baldev says he can see this and showing her his side, if you doubt on me being better, I can prove it. Baldev asks Veera to cheer for him, not for Rajveer. She says its just a game. He says its not a game now, Rajveer will know he can’t win over Baldev. The football practice goes on. Veera takes care of the kid who gets hurt.


Nihaal gives everyone some gifts and stops seeing Ratan. Veera sees it, it’s a beautiful suit. He says yes, I liked it and got for her. She says do you want her to wear this suit. Nihaal nods yes. She smiles and says then Biji will surely wear this. Veera comes to Ratan and says she got something for her. Ratan sees the suit and asks is it for me, maybe its for Gunjan, why are you giving me. Veera says I want you to wear this, please please wear this in Diwali, it will be gift for me, you will look good. Ratan says fine.Bansuri’s friend Amrit and her daughter come to stay at Bansuri’s place.


Amrit wants Simran to get married to Baldev. Baldev and Rajveer have a football match. A kid Soham could not come, so the one adult from each team plays. Rajveer is angry seeing Veera cheer for Baldev. Baldev makes a goal and is winning the game. Rajveer cheats and beats Baldev in his stomach, hurting him. Will Ranvi realize that Baldev truly loves Veera? Keep reading.