Aww! Divya Agarwal was spotted with ex-boyfriend Varun Sood in the city, netizens’ reactions are unmissable

MUMBAI: Divya Agarwal took to her social media handle and revealed that she and Varun have parted ways last month. It was a huge shock for all DivRun shippers. Last night for the first time after announcing the split, Divya and Varun were snapped in the city. They were attending an event.

Divya and Varun met outside and the paparazzi clicked them away. Ever since Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood’s pictures are going viral on social media. DivRun’s shippers want them to get back together. Varun had a protective arm around Divya when they were heading back inside. The two did not talk about their break-up openly but their fans see a spark in them. They wish that their favourite couple gets back together again.

Divya and Varun shared a couple of stories on their Instagram handle from the event/ party. But it seems they were not together inside. Seeing Varun and Divya together again has left fans hoping that the two lovebirds will patch things up soon.

A user wrote, ‘My #Divrun heart is crying right now’, while another commented, ‘Tears of happiness or wot-.”

The third user was quoted saying, ‘We love #divrun together ! still didn’t understand the reason though

Hope they sort out their differences & be together & patch up !!’, another commented, ‘There priorities are still set… I wish jldii inka patch up ho jaae…. #DivRun #TejRan.’

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