Astha kidnapped by Aditi; Shlok looks for her in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir

This week, there have been many twists in the show. First of all, the much awaited divorce between Shlok and Astha. The good thing is Astha refused for the divorce as she loves Shlok a lot and can’t think of risking his life in Aditi’s presence. She hears Aditi talking to someone that she will kill Shlok soon and he will have to pay for all his mistakes. Astah and Shlok spend some time together before going to the court. Astha tells Shlok that she wants to keep his photo with her, as she does not know whether they will meet again or not in future. She cries. Shlok feels bad but he thinks Astha was the one who has filed for the divorce and it is her right to become free.

Astha and Shlok go to the court and the judge asks Astha about her decision. He asks whether she wants to take divorce and end her relation or give her marriage a chance again. Astha thinks. The judge asks her again. Shlok looks at Astha. Astha then says she does not want divorce as she loves Shlok a lot. Shlok also says that he does not want divorce. They come out and everyone who were waiting outside for the outcome, ask them what is their decision. Astha tells that she has not taken the divorce. Everyone is happy for them. Kalindi is worried and asks Astha why did she do this, did Shlok pressurize her. Astha tells her that she loves Shlok and wants to be with him all her life, she will be happy only with him, this time she has to trust her love. Kalindi agrees.

Astha comes home with Shlok and Anjali looks annoyed with her. She does not talk to Astha and leaves. Aditi sees this and laughs on Astha. Astha tells her that she is not leaving Shlok because of her. She says she has some important work to do in the house, and that’s kicking her out of the house by telling everyone the truth. Aditi gets tensed. Astha tells her that she will bring out her truth very soon, wait and watch. Aditi thinks of doing something of Astha as she is getting closer to Shlok. Astha gets closer to Shlok to make Aditi jealous and shows her their intimacy. Aditi gets angry and plans to kill Astha again.

Sid comes to know about Jyoti’s pregnancy as she falls and he takes her to the doctor. He gets shocked by knowing that and asks her why did she hide it and what is she doing here, who is her family, husband…. Jyoti tells him of Abhay, who did her two abortions as both of them were girls, and this is her third child and also a girl. She tells him that she does not want to go back. Sid understands her and asks her to stay with him. He brings Imli, Glucose and all those items that pregnant ladies should have. Jyoti cries with happiness and tells him that no one took care of her like this as before. Sid tells her that he will shift her to her Kaki’s home who is good at taking care of women and she will treat you like her daughter. He tells her that she will be safe and happy there. Jyoti agrees.

Astha follows Aditi to a barren house and sees Shlok’s photo there. Astha brings Shlok there but could not prove anything. Shlok leaves not believing her. Aditi calls Astha there again and when Astha comes, she calls come goons and kidnaps Astha. She ties Astha to a chair and locks her there. Shlok gets worried for Astha as she has been not at home since morning. He tells everyone that Astha is in any problem, as she is not careless and maybe she went to help someone. Shlok and Varad go to search for Astha. Aditi comes back to Astha to kill her before Shlok reaches her. Shlok comes to the same house and calls out Astha. Astha tries to make noise and tell him that she is there but Shlok leaves. They track her phone and come to know her location. Shlok goes far from the house, and comes running to find Astha. Aditi warns Astha that this time Shlok won’t be able to save her. Will Shlok save Astha and what will be Aditi’s reason of revenge? Keep reading.