Anjali Tatrari’s MESSAGE for all those asking about the status of her show ‘ Sargam Ke Sadhe Satti ’

As the lockdown restrictions were eased after a strict one due to the pandemic of covid-19, film and television shoots opened; however, looking at the situation as we face the second wave, the shoots have once again been halted.

While a lot of shows have shifted their sets outside Maharashtra, there are some shows which have stopped shooting and are on a break. Among the many shows is Sargam Ke Sadhe Satti which recently launched. As an instalment to Saas Bina Sasural, the cast was productive and hardworking. Not only that, the audience loves watching them on television and now that the shooting is suspended, the show cannot air fresh episodes.

Anjali Tatrari’s fans, who miss watching her on television and were excited to see the drama unfold, have been questioning Anjali about the status of Sargam Ke Sadhe Satti . Anjali took to social media to share that there are no new episodes and that they are not shooting at the moment. She also shared that she will update the audience as and when there is information received.

Take a look:

Sargam Ke Sadhe Satti is based on a girl sargam who falls in love with a middle-class man Aparshakti. But here the twist is that there are no women in Aparshakti’s family of 7 1⁄2 gents. The female lead role of Sargam is played by Anjali Tatrari. She was recently seen in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan.
The male lead role of Aparshakti is played by Kunal Saluja.

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