Simran fills Bansuri’s ears against Veera and says Veera threatened her that she will ruin her marriage dreams. Bansuri gets angry and calls Ratan. She asks them not to bring Veera in any function. Ratan tells this to Ranvi and Gunjan. They decide not to go in marriage. Gunjan hides her face by her dupatta and comes to the money lender. She says she has to sell some jewelry to support her family. He asks where did she get this. She says its my marriage jewels. He says who gave this. She asks why is he asking this. He says you look from good family. He says all this jewels are fake.

Gunjan confronts Amrit about fooling Bansuri with fake jewels. Amrit scares her saying she will tell Ranvi about her card parties and big loans. Amrit tells Simran about Gunjan knowing their truth and threatening them. Simran gets worried. Amrit says she has handled the matter as she knows about Gunjan’s bad habits. Balwant comes to Ranvi and says he is happy to see they all have so much love and respect to Gunjan, that she is favoring inlaws over us, and all this is done by Bansuri. He asks them to come in Baldev’s marriage and apologizes to them.

The haldi ceremony starts at Baldev’s home. Nihaal comes and looks at Baldev. Baldev is upset. Bansuri hugs Simran and smiles. She sees Veera and Ranvi, along with Gunjan and family. Amrit thinks will Gunjan stay quiet or not. Balwant welcomes them and thanks them for keeping his word and respect. Veera says she came in her childhood friend’s marriage. She asks Simran to hug her. She hugs Simran surprising her. She holds her tight and threatens her slowly, that her fate is written with Baldev, so she is here even after her acting. Veera and Baldev dance in the function. Simran and Amrit plan against Gunjan. Gunjan gets a call from someone asking money. She gets tensed and avoids the guests. The goon comes there to threaten her.

Gunjan gets worried and asks him to leave. He says he will tell everyone why he came. Rajveer comes and the man leaves seeing him. Rajveer asks who was he and he will catch her. Gunjan tells him her problem and asks him to hide it from Ranvi. Rajveer gains her confidence by solving her problem and she thanks him. Billa tells Baldev that if he marries Simran, that Veera will marry Rajveer. Baldev imagines Veera and Rajveer as married couple. Baldev decides to leave the pind to get away from Veera as he can’t see his love with someone else. He comes home and tells this decision to everyone.

Simran and Amrit are shocked and plan something to stop Baldev. Simran gets Veera’s pic in Baldev’s cupboard. She asks is there anything between Veera and Rajveer, I saw them closer in haldi rasam, does she love someone else. Baldev gets angry and asks her not to tell anything wrong about Veera. Simran talks to her BF after everyone sleeps. She says Raj, I m dying to meet you. Raj says I m at your door. She opens the door and asks is he mad, why did he come here. He says I was missing you and hugs her. She says even she was missing him. He asks about her face. She says its long story. She is shocked seeing Bansuri coming.

Raj hides and she makes him leave asking him not to come again. Jaggi and Billa come to Baldev’s house. They see Simran and Amrit going and hear their talk. Simran says she was marrying Baldev to stay in this haveli, she does not love Baldev and she will not marry him. She says Raj was better. Amrit asks is she still meeting Raj. Simran gets angry and leaves. Jaggi calls Veera and tells Simran wants to leave Baldev. Veera gets happy. Bansuri cries and says she can’t live with Baldev. She tries emotional blackmail and says how can he leave the house when I want a bahu here. Baldev says I want to do some work outside the pind, enough now, I will not go anywhere and stay here, see my face all the time. Bansuri and Amrit smile.

Billa tells Baldev that he will ruin three lives, his life, Veera and Simran’s. Baldev says not Veera’s, she will marry the guy Ranvi chooses. Billa says no, she won’t. she loves only you, and will love you till the end of her life. Baldev goes to meet Veera and gets angry seeing Rajveer with her. Ranvi tells Ratan and Veera about choosing someone for Veera. Ranvi tells them that Rajveer is best match for Veera. Baldev is shocked hearing this and angrily leaves. Veera says she needs time to think. Will Veera and Baldev marry? Keep reading.