“You can’t really plan your work on television.” – Sudeep Sahir

In conversation with Sudeep Sahir.

Sudeep Sahir has impressed one and all with his amazing acting and good looks in Zee TV’s ‘Koi Apna Sa’. His fans totally adore him and today, the actor sheds some light on the fan admiration he receives and the way television is shaping up.
What kind of feedback are you getting for your role in ‘Koi Apna Sa’?
It is brilliant. I am getting a positive response from many fans. The best part is many men come up to me and they say that they sympathise with my character. It feels really great because mostly it is the female population who watch television. So when I meet these male fans as well, you know that your show is being watched by everyone. There was this guy on twitter who actually messaged me – “This is actually my life. You are playing my character.”
How much do you relate to the character?
Being a family person, I do relate to the character. For me, my family is the most important thing and so is it for Aditya. So when Aditya has to deal with his wife in this way, it is the most unfortunate thing.
How do you unwind yourself?
I just like to go back home to my wife and son. We go for a dinner or movie, or just an outing. That just relaxes me. I need to do it at least once in a week.
What are your career goals at this stage?
You can’t really plan your work on television. So whatever good roles come my way, I will do them. I am very choosy about my work.
What changes do you find in the industry over the years?
There are so many channels now. There were very few channels when I started and the ratings used to be like 18 or 22. Now, everything has become so vast. There is a lot of opportunity for everyone. But there is a very less time given to a serial to run its course. Nowadays, the show stops in three months so everyone wants to finish the story really quickly and get the results. Earlier, a fair chance was given to the show to recognise it’s potential. But one good thing is the timings of all the shows have become flexible and improved. I feel that television has got a very big heart and it welcomes everyone with open hands.
Well said Sudeep!

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