Will Raman marry Ishita in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?

Raman and Ishita hate each other and are always trying to show each other down. Their families quarrel almost everyday. The Iyers is a Madras family which are neighbors of the Punjabi Bhalla family. Both the families don’t get along well and have lots of misunderstandings and fights between them. Ishita’s sister Mihika landed into a MMS scandal. The MMS showed her intimate moments with her boy friend Mihir which were falsely shot by Rumi. Rumi manipulated the video and made its MMS. Mihika lodges a police complaint against Mihir. Bala beats up Mihir seeing him with Mihika.

Mihir tries to tell Mihika that he has not done this act and she is surely mistaken. Mihika does not believe him and her love for him turns into hatred. She starts hating Mihir and does not listen to any of his words. Raman supports Mihir and believes that he can’t do any such thing with the girl of his dreams. Ruhi’s custody case is also going on. Shagun is trying her best to win Ishita and bring her on her side so that Ishita makes her decision in her favor. Shagun gets along with her very nicely and even allows her to meet Ruhi often.

Ishita loves Ruhi and Ruhi loves Ishita, but Raman hates Ishita. He can’t stand her and taunts her for being rejected everytime by the adoption committee. Ishita is hurt by Raman’s words and decides she won’t favor him in Ruhi’s custody case. Ishita’s dad and Raman’s dad sees the situation and finds only one solution of getting Raman and Ishita married.

Shagun throws a party for Ruhi and her friends. She tries to teach Ruhi that she should say in the court that she wants to stay with her mum and Ashok, and not with her dad Raman. Ruhi is a cute girl, who loves her dad Raman a lot. Raman did not give any time to her when Ruhi was with him, and now that he lost her, he starts valuing her and is dying to see her. He tries his best to win the custody case as the judge says the decision will be left over to Ishita. He is worried as his terms with Ishita are not good.

Both the fathers start convincing Raman and Ishita and also their families for the marriage. The families agree only for the sake of Ruhi. Even Raman agrees for Ruhi’s happiness and to get Ruhi back in his house. But Ishita says she will marry Raman only on one condition. She asks Raman not to support Mihir and get him arrested by police in the MMS case. Raman decides he won’t do this as he wont’ be breaking an old relation to make a new one. Ishita insists and asks him to think. Mihir overhears this and surrenders himself to the police just for Ruhi’s happiness.

Mihika comes to know that Mihir has surrendered. She cries for him though she is hurt by him. Rumi gets careful knowing Raman will get Mihir bailed out and will try hard to find the real culprit. Rumi thinks of saving himself from Raman’s sight. Ishita’s family agrees for the marriage. Ishita and Raman start getting along and are on talking terms which turns into verbal fights. They meet at the court and decide of marrying today itself, but are asked to wait for a month.

Shagun sees them in the court and starts doubting that they are together. She informs Ashok about this. Shagun decides to find out the truth behind Raman and Ishita. Will Shagun get to know about Raman and Ishita’s relation? Will Raman marry Ishita or will someone come in between? Who will win Ruhi in the custody case? Will Raman get Ruhi back? Will Mihir be proved innocent? Will Rumi be caught by Raman and get punished for the MMS case? The answers to these questions will be answered soon in the show. This week was surprising and was based only on Raman and Ishita’s marriage proposal. We have to see whether the rude, arrogant and good hearted Raman Kumar Bhalla gets married to the dentist Dr. Ishita Iyer or not. Keep watching this space for the update next week.