What! Is BB12 contestant Saurabh Patel a fraud? Fake name and profession exposed!

MUMBAI: Bigg Boss 12 is only in its first week and we see a big controversy surfacing. After Sreesanth’s antics and the shocking news of a romance between veteran bhajan singer Anup Jalota and budding Bollywood singer Jasleen Matharu, here’s another shocker.

As we know, this time contestants entered the show as singles or jodis. One such jodi is that of Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra. As per media reports, it seems that they have lied about who they are.

In the opening episode, Shivashish said that he was a very rich businessman and Sourabh said that he was a farmer, but as we know, Shivashish is not a businessman. He is in fact a struggling actor and was seen in a role in the serial Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman. Even more shocking is that Sourabh, who claims to be a farmer, is actually a struggling actor himself and has worked as an assistant casting director for production houses such as Rashmi Sharma and BAG films.

An ex-colleague of Sourabh spoke to a media portal saying that Sourabh’s real name is Sahil Rameshwar Patel. The report added that he had also worked with casting director Shadman Khan.

When the publication contacted Shadman, he said that Sourabh had indeed worked for him in the past and confirmed that his name wasn’t Sourabh then, but he did not want to get involved in this matter.

On a side note, the first two contestants to enter the Bigg Boss house, Roshmi Banik and Mital Joshi, are supposed to be enemies. Why would enemies agree to participate in a reality show together?

We wonder how the channel will respond to this news floating around. Will Sourabh continue his stay in the house? This we will know during the weekend, in the first episode of Weekend Ka Var With Salman Khan.

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